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Netgear’s Orbi mesh Wi-Fi system is the best home wireless solution. It can cover all of your home. It is easy to set up and allows seamless Wi-Fi throughout our home.

Even this solution is not perfect. This is especially true when the device cannot find the network. This article will explain how Orbi works and how to set it up correctly.

What is the Orbi Network?

Netgear’s Orbi network, a mesh network, is one that includes a router and many satellites, depending on the size of your home. We connect the router to our modems using an Ethernet cable.

Satellites can be placed anywhere in the home by connecting wirelessly to the router. Instead of having Wi-Fi routers and range extenders scattered throughout the house, we now have one network with multiple points.

A mesh network is better than range extenders and multiple routers because the network name is the same. Imagine connecting to a different network every time you go upstairs or into another room.

The Orbi mesh system works using WiFi signals that are broadcast from all WiFi points around your house. These points have a wireless connection that allows them to route data efficiently between each other. Let’s take a look at the correct setup.

How do you properly set up Orbi

The Orbi app must be installed on your smartphone in order to set up the Orbi mesh Wi Fi system. First, disconnect the old Wi-Fi router. Next, make sure you aren’t connected to any other Wi-Fi networks from your smartphone.

After you have disconnected, unplug your old router. It is necessary to have an internet connection. It’s best to make use of your smartphone’s dataOpen the Orbi app to create an account, or log in to one we already have with Netgear.

The prompt to Install a New Netgear Product appears. Tap Yes to enable the camera to scan the QR code from the Orbi Route. We need to reboot our modem. This involves unplugging the cable and reconnecting it.

After that, you can tap Next in the app. Next, we need to connect the modem to the Orbi router using the ethernet cable included in the box. We then tap Next and position the satellites around our house.

Tap Next to connect the satellites. Once the setup is complete, the router will connect to the network and detect the satellites. Next, we’ll customize the network settings, such as the password and network name, and login as admin.

The Orbi then checks for any new firmware that is available. It is very important to update the firmware. Now your mesh Wi-Fi system has been set up. But what if it isn’t?

Orbi Common Issues

Orbi is no different from any other router or mesh system. These issues can be fixed with a few simple steps. While proper configuration is important it’s worth noting that there are other solutions.

Orbi RBR50 firmware upgrade

The RBR50 router is the main device in the Orbi mesh network. This causes an issue with internet connection speeds. This does not mean that the firmware update was insecure, but it does indicate that it wasn’t properly tested.

You shouldn’t be confused. The update likely went through the clean installation and testing phases, and probably worked well. It is sometimes necessary to perform a factory reset prior to installing an update.

Factory reset is used to perform a clean installation. All devices in the mesh system have a reset buttonTo reset them, use a paperclip. Push the button and wait for the green light to change to amber. Follow the instructions and it will work correctly.

Satellites can’t be connected to routers

The Wi-Fi signal won’t be broadcast to the whole house if there is no communication between satellites and router. The system should be initially installed in one room. Then, the satellites can be moved to other rooms that are within range of the router’s signal.

Another way to connect satellites is to use an ethernet cable. First, connect satellites to router via an Ethernet cable. Log in to Orbi, then access the Advanced tab. Click Advanced Setup > Wireless Settings. Enable Daisy Chain Topology.

This will allow the router and satellites to communicate over the ethernet link. Next, click on add Orbi satellite in the Basic tab. You should now be able add the satellite you are missing.

Orbi router not found

This is a common problem during installation. After connecting the router to your modem and connecting to the Orbi network in the setup, the app will display ” Router Not Found

Verify that the ethernet cable used to connect the Orbi router and modem is working. It should be tested on two devices. Get a new one if it doesn’t work.

You can also restart the Orbi router or modem. You can also do a factory reset if restarting fails.

Orbi network not showing-up

The power surge could have caused hardware damage if there was a power cut. If the hardware is in good condition, it’s time to perform a factory reset.

Follow the prompts to set up the mesh system again through the app. Make sure you use another network name than your previous one.

If the power is working fine and the network doesn’t show up abruptly, then the Orbi light at the back of all Orbi devices might be green. It may be time to upgrade your network drivers.


Orbi is a mesh system that covers your entire home. However, it does have its limitations. We can solve most problems by properly setting up the hardware.

Sometimes, however, the network is not discoverable. The router isn’t detected during setup. Updates interfere with internet speed. Satellites aren’t connected. These issues can be addressed via the Orbi Login Page and the Orbi app.

A factory reset is the best way to repair any hardware. If this doesn’t resolve your problem, you can always call support. Support techs can help you solve the problem.

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