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Orbi Purple Light: 5 Ways To Fix It

by stacy

The Netgear Orbi WiFi mesh network is designed to provide strong, reliable connectivity throughout your home. The Orbi system is very popular with many users. Some users have complained about the Orbi system.

One example is the Orbi purple light. If your Orbi router’s purple light is causing network problems, you have come to the right place. We will discuss the causes of the purple light, how to fix it, and what you can do about it.

So, let’s begin!

What does the purple light on my Orbi Router mean?

The status of your network can cause the LED light on your Orbi router to change color.

When we talk about purple light, it is important to be aware of where it is coming from. Is it visible on the router or on the satellites, or both?

If your router’s Orbi router is showing a purple solid light, it means that it can’t connect to Internet.

If your Orbi satellite is not synchronizing to the router, you will see a purple light.

How to Fix the Orbi Purple Light

We can assure you that the majority of solutions to the Orbi purple light problem don’t require advanced technical knowledge.

You can always contact the support team if you don’t follow the suggestions or are stuck on one point. They will help you fix the problem. They will send someone to solve the problem.

Check your connections

Even though you might think that there are no problems with the connections, even though you haven’t touched or moved any, it is worth checking for all cables and connectors. They are rarely noticed, and we usually pay little attention when the network is set up by us or another person.

You may also have misplaced cables in your home while you were cleaning it out. It could be dangerous if the connector is damaged. You may have let your pet play with them. It doesn’t really matter what, checking cables and connectors shouldn’t be difficult. However, it is important that each cable is checked and ensured it is connected to the correct port.

After you’ve checked for loose connections, turn on the light at your Orbi router. The following solutions can be used if the light is still purple.

It is important that the Ethernet cable runs from your modem to Orbi’s WAN port. You can also use an Ethernet cable if you have one.

Restart your Orbi Router

It’s much easier to fix a router or device that is broken than it is to make it work again. It is easy to repair a router or device that has a broken power cord. It should cool off before you try to reconnect it. The router should restart, then you can check for the light. The purple light may disappear. If the Orbi purple light persists after restarting the device, you can restart the network.

Restart Your Orbi Network

When restarting your Orbi, it is important to follow a specific order. Do not rush and ensure that you do everything in the right order.

  1. Turn off your modem and unplug it.
  2. You should turn off your Orbi router
  3. Turn on the modem by connecting it to your computer. It will take approximately 2 minutes for the modem to turn on.
  4. Turn on the router Orbi. Let it boot for 2 minutes.
  5. Now you can check the Orbi light.

Resynchronize Satellite and Router

You should sync the devices again if you suspect that the purple light is a result of an unsuccessful synchronization.

Orbi sync button

It’s very easy. Locate and press the SYNC button on your Orbi router. Next, press the satellite’s “SYNC” button. This task will take you two minutes. After pressing the SYNC button, you must wait for the satellite’s sync to occur. The satellite will blink white during the sync process. It will then change its color to one of these colors. It will then turn off.

  1. If it turns green, then the sync was successful. The connection works well.
  2. If it turns amber (or orange), it means that the sync was successful but the connection is weak.
  3. If the sync fails because it turns magenta (purple), It will be necessary to do it again.

Reach out to your ISP

Although the Orbi purple light might still be present in your home it may not be the reason. Your ISP may have technical problems or is having trouble maintaining their network. To determine if Orbi purple is happening, call your ISP support. If you experience service interruptions or power outages, your ISP support can help.

You can also check their outage page on their official website. Or, you can visit third-party websites like downdetector.com to see if other users have had problems with their connection. After receiving confirmation that the purple light is due to a service interruption or power outage, you should be patient and wait until they fix it. It rarely lasts too long.

Contact Netgear Support

If you receive confirmation from your ISP that everything is working fine, it is possible that your Orbi router has some issues. Contact Netgear support if this is the case. They can help you troubleshoot the problem and get rid of the Orbi purple light.

Last words

We hope that you can resolve the Orbi violet light problem without needing to contact your ISP or Netgear support. As you can see, all the solutions are simple. These solutions can also be used to resolve other Orbi issues, so keep them in mind in case you need them.

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