The vast majority of K-12 classrooms are now being taught using video chats, and it is highly possible that your yearly parent-teacher conferences will also take place online. But when you invite parents to these meetings, should you still use the traditional printed sign-up sheet that’s meant for parent-teacher conferences? Is it the case that your administrative staff prints out these notices, which the teachers then deliver to the parents, who then sign them and send them back?

If you answered “yes,” then you will need to make significant adjustments to this workflow. The standard documentation method that you use is obviously not only a drain on time and other resources (paper! ), but it is also not very accommodating to people working remotely.

The good news is that institutes now have access to a method that is both straightforward and cost-effective to alter the way in which teachers sign-up and sign-in parents who arrive for the PTM session: electronic signatures.

Here’s how K to 12 schools can improve parent-teacher conference sign up with electronic signatures

Signing up for parent-teacher conferences using electronic signatures is one way that schools for grades K-12 might improve the process.
Productivity is the most important factor in today’s world of online education. Therefore, teachers shouldn’t be required to rely on the already overworked administrative crew for insignificant tasks like filling out paperwork for PTM meetings.

How exactly does that function? Continue reading to learn the various ways in which each PTM form can be easily and effectively managed by your instructors:

Notification of parent-teacher conferences
It can be challenging to engage parents in participation in PTMs. Because of this, a notice should be provided to the parents in advance to indicate the day of the PTM as well as the times it will take place. In addition, given that teachers are typically the ones who are responsible for collecting RSVPs, teachers can use eSignature solutions in order to monitor whether or not the notice has been recognised by the student.

I’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide that explains how teachers can use electronic signature software, like Signeasy, to send and manage PTM notices:

First, go to Signeasy and search for a straightforward parent-teacher conference notice template just like this one. Then, save the document.

Step 2: After selecting the appropriate template from Signeasy, direct the signers’ attention to the exact areas where they should place their signatures in order to simplify the process of completing a document.

Step 3: Determine the frequency of reminders to be sent to the parent, in case they forget to sign.

Step 4: Send the form to all of the parents of the students in your class by electronic mail so that they can esign it.

Check the Signeasy dashboard a few days before the event to see how many parents have recognised (signed) the form. This is the sixth step. The PTM turnout will be easier to map out with this information.

Registration form for the parent-teacher conference

You have received praise from each and every one of the parents; excellent work! On the day of the PTM, you will want to make sure that you keep a record of everyone who attended as well as the time they arrived. Because it’s possible that your participants may be located in different parts of the country or even the world, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting them to sign in:

First, on Signeasy, open the parent-teacher conference sign-in sheet template (it should look somewhat like the one below).

Step 2: Enter the parent’s and student’s names into the appropriate fields on the form.

Step 3: Mark the column where parents need to sign, and have them fill in the time when they began their session, along with highlights from the talk.

Step 4: When the parents arrive for their session, each parent will be given the paperwork to sign and return to you.

Step 5: After all of the parents have signed the form, you will then have the opportunity to sign it and forward it on to the administrative team.

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Why should you use Signeasy to sign up for your upcoming parent-teacher conference?

The attendance, communication, and documentation of the PTM sessions is something that the teachers are frequently tasked with improving. But let’s not beat about the bush: this is tedious job. Teachers are able to save time by streamlining processes that are typically considered to be routine as a result of Signeasy’s extensive documentation and unparalleled ease of use.

This means there will be less time spent pushing paper and more time spent teaching and mentoring!

With that out of the way, let’s get into some of the most helpful aspects of the eSigning programme, which will allow you to manage PTM documentation in a seamless manner:

Editable templates Thanks to the template feature of Signeasy, teachers can cut down on the amount of time they spend manually filling out and formatting each PTM invite and sign-in form. They need just save an electronic copy of these forms on the software in order to be able to reuse them whenever the occasion calls for it. In addition, users are able to personalise these forms on Signeasy, which enables them to include elements such as their school’s letterhead and logo in their creations.
Boosting your productivity while allowing you to work from a distance: The electronic form can be created, shared, and the status of its completion tracked with just a few clicks by the instructors. Especially the mobile app makes it incredibly easy to practically have signatures at one’s fingertips, which is a great convenient feature. Therefore, even if your parents are unable to attend the PTM in person, they are still able to complete the documentation that is associated with it.
Friendly to the environment and economical: The digitization of your school’s paperwork is an excellent first step to take if your institution is serious about turning green. Just think of all of the paper and money that you will save by not having to print out invitations to the PTM. Also, don’t forget about the fruitful hours of a teacher’s time that can be redirected from mundane administrative work into more creative instructional responsibilities. This is something that should not be overlooked.
Touchless and hygienic: This is likely one of the primary factors that most schools take into consideration when deciding whether or not to use Signeasy. The signing process can be made contact-free so that teachers and parents do not have to engage with high-contact surfaces such as printers, printing paper, or scanners. This eliminates the risk of transmitting germs. As a result, your teachers will probably take less sick days off, which will result in increased production. And, such a move will also position your school administration as a responsible and innovative employer.
Last but not least, here is the clincher: Signeasy can link with your school portal to make it possible for teachers and parents to sign documents without leaving the website itself.

Why don’t you check out Signeasy’s 14-day free trial to see if eSignatures are indeed the future of school paperwork!

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