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How Rise Fulfillment saves time – and the planet – with Signeasy

by stacy

Rise Fulfillment is all about big goals: not only is this delivery company on a mission to give local consumers and small businesses access to goods that are typically only available to large companies, but everything that they do is also underpinned by an eco-friendly, sustainable vision. This company’s mission is to give local consumers and small businesses access to goods that are typically only available to large companies.

Rise, like any other company, receives a large volume of invoices and delivery papers daily that need to be processed. Luke Wilson, the Logistics Captain, had mentioned earlier that towards the end of the day things were more than a little stressful. This was before they discovered Signeasy. “Before we had Signeasy, we would spend hours each evening developing and drafting invoices, establishing various forms and templates… to put it mildly, it was time consuming.”

It didn’t take long for Luke and the rest of the Rise team to start looking for a way to save time. More specifically, they were seeking for a piece of software that would allow them to save time and energy when it came to processing and organising the physical paperwork they had. Signeasy has been a part of this company since its infancy, during which time it has demonstrated that it is an excellent addition in many more ways than one.

Why Rise loves Signeasy: Going paperless with electronic signatures

Rise, a firm that takes great pride in locating environmentally friendly products for its clients, recently decided to automate its paperwork procedures, which was a decision that was exactly in line with the company’s basic beliefs. They have been able to drastically reduce the amount of paper that they use because to Signeasy, which is an essential addition to the pledge that they are making to be environmentally conscientious.

— Focused on future expansion

Marcus Vaca, the captain of the team, is quoted as saying that Signeasy “does nothing but stimulate growth.” Rise, a company that had a large number of delivery associates working on the road and a large amount of paperwork coming into and leaving the company, discovered through first-hand experience that the key to achieving sustainable growth was to eliminate cumbersome processes and achieve peak organisation.

– The contentment of one’s customers

The proud owner of Hm Korean Kitchen, Konan Pi, mentioned that the activities Rise carries out are obviously distinct from those of all of his other suppliers. Among the many benefits that he enjoyed, one of his favourites was that once the transaction was through, Signeasy emailed him a copy of the document in question: “I don’t have to worry about all this paperwork stacking up elsewhere,” he said. “Everything has been brought up to date. There is no need for me to be concerned about leaving a paper trail.”

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