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PLDT Router LOS Blinking Red: A Simple Guide

by stacy

Your PLDT router’s blinking red LOS light is always accompanied by no internet connection. You should be aware of how crucial the internet is and how many people are virtually handicapped when there’s no internet.

This article will discuss the causes of the PLDT Route LOS light blinking in red. It also explains how to fix it.

Why is My PLDT Router (LOS) blinking red light?

LOSStands for Loss Of SignalThis light, named after the symbol, will blink or turn solid red when there is a loss in signal.

There are many reasons your PLDT router LOS light is blinking red.

  • Fiber cable damaged
  • Connector loose.
  • Service outage in your locality

The good news is that you can easily solve this problem if the problem’s on your side. However, if your ISP is experiencing some problems or maintaining its network, you can’t do anything else but wait for them to get it fixed.

PLDT Router LOS Blinking Red – Quick Fixes

These quick fixes are the most common when it comes down to the PLDT router LOS blinking green. Except for the portion where you need to change the optical fibre line, you don’t require any prior experience to execute them. If you’re not sure about doing it, you may always hire someone to do it for you.

Now let’s look at how to resolve this problem.

Take a look at Fiber Optic Cable

In this instance, the first thing you should do is to verify:

  • Whether the modem is properly connected to the fiber optic cable.
  • Whether it has been bent or damaged in any way.
  • Whether there are damaged or loose connectors

You should always inspect the ends of your cable and, if necessary buy a new fiber optic cable.

If the LOS lights are still flashing red after inspection, the cable replacement or reconnection may be necessary.

Reboot the Router

Because it is quick and effective, this is often a recommended fix. This can solve most network problems. Make sure you do this whenever you are having problems with your home network.

After 5 minutes, unplug the power cord and wait to reboot the router. Connect it back to the outlet, and wait for it fully to reboot. Now, check the LOS light. It’s possible it will turn off right now. If you see the red blinking light, try the next option.

Examine if Outage is causing the problem

Sometimes, your ISP may need to perform unannounced maintenance.

Contact support to verify that the LOS light on your PLDT router has gone red. If they confirm that the red LOS light is blinking because of an outage, then you only need to contact support.

You can also confirm an outage by using websites such as Outage.report to see if PLDT is experiencing an outage at this moment.

Source: https://outage.report/ph/pldt

However, if they can confirm that everything is working fine, ask them if they will check your line, restart it, or guide you through basic troubleshooting steps. If they can’t help you remotely, they can always send a technician to check the problem on site as well as check the PLDT router itself.

Last Words

We hope that you were able to fix the PLDT Router LOS blinking red and get in touch with PLDT Support. This network problem is usually connected to the optical fibre cable. You will notice the LOS light blinking green if it is bent, damaged, or cut off inadvertently. If your ISP goes down for any reason, the same thing will happen.

So, if you check the cables and reboot the router, and the red light is still blinking, it is very possible that the reason is on the ISP’s side. If this is the case, please contact support to get assistance. We’re confident that you will be able to resolve the issue quickly.

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