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Plusnet Router Login: Change The WiFi Name And Password

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We know you are aware of the dangers of an unsecure wireless network and weak passwords that are easily crackable. Secure your network using a strong password. This can be done after you log into your Plusnet router. After you login to your Plusnet router, you can access the Plusnet Hub Manager.

Plusnet Hub manager allows you to manage your wireless network and advanced settings all in one place.

Short Outline

This guide will show you how to connect to the Plusnet hub manager via its default IP address, default admin password, and default username. You will also learn how to change your default WiFi name or password.

So, without any further ado, let’s see what are the essential things you need to get ready for a successful Plusnet router login.

What you need:

  • Router for Plusnet
  • A PC, smartphone or tablet that is connected to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet cable.
  • Plusnet router IP and default or custom login details

What are the Benefits of Accessing The Plusnet Router Administration Dashboard?

We have already mentioned that you can easily manage your network settings from the router admin dashboard.

Start with simple security tweaks such as changing the WiFi name and password, or changing default admin password. You can also create a guest network and open ports for gaming. We normally don’t recommend playing with the advanced settings unless you know what you are doing, but just in case we encourage you to take a backup of the current router configuration. Then you can explore the different configurations.

How do I access the Plusnet Router Administrator Dashboard?

Once you’ve prepared all the information above, you can start:

STEP 1 – Connect Your Device To The Network

It is important to reiterate the requirement that your device be connected to the network, even though we’ve already stated it. The reason for this is that if the device isn’t connected, the login process will be unsuccessful. To gain access to the router admin dashboard, the device must be connected to the internet.

STEP 2 – Launch Your Favorite Web Browser

Accessing the router admin dashboard will require a web browser. After you visit the router settings page, your browser will display the router’s web-based interface. Launch the one you use the most.

STEP 3 – Enter The Plusnet Default IP In The URL Bar

All Plusnet routers, including Plusnet Hub Two, Plusnet Hub One and Plusnet Hub Zero, use the same IP address for their default gateway. It’s

Plusnet login IP address

So, type this IP in the browser’s URL bar and press Enter or Go on the keyboard.

If your IP is correct, you’ll see the Hub Manager with different settings.

STEP 4 – Enter the Admin password

enter the Plusnet router login password

To change any settings, you’ll need to enter your admin password. If you wish to change your WiFi password, you can select Wireless and click on the Change Settings button. After clicking it, you will be asked for the admin password.

The password can be printed on a card or placed on a sticker.

Once you have entered your password, click on the appropriate box and then click OK.

STEP 5 – Manage And Secure Your Router Now

It is very easy to change the settings of the Plusnet router once you have access to them. We recommend backing up the Plusnet Hub settings just in case you need them.

How to change your Plusnet WiFi name and password?

It is strongly recommended to change the password and wireless network name. As for the WiFi name, changing it to anything else that doesn’t discover which router we are using is OK.

Change Plusnet wifi name and password

However, the WiFi password should be updated from time-to-time. It is easy to make these changes and you should do it as soon as possible.

As we have mentioned, you will need to enter your admin password when you click on any settings you wish to modify.

The Hub manager has two options, depending on which graphical user interface you choose. Then, click the following link:

  1. Basic Settings > Wi-Fi
  2. Wireless > Change SettingsClick the button in the upper-right corner of your screen

Enter the administrator password when asked and click Log inOder OK.

If you have enabled 5GHz and 2.4GHz, be sure to change their network names and passwords.

The methods are identical, but keep in mind that once you save the changes, the device you used to access the router settings, as well as all other devices connected to the network, will be detached from the wireless network and will need to be reconnected.

Find the following link to change your SSID or Network Name. Name of the network (Wi-Fi nameClick () to remove the current network name. Type the new one.

Scroll down a bit and you will find the Password for security (Wi-Fi Password)Enter a new password and delete the current password. The new password must be at least 8 characters long. It should include small and large letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and punctuation marks. A nice bar is located below the password field that indicates how strong your password is. Make sure it’s a strong one.

Save the changes by using the SaveAfter you have finished changing the settings, click on the button.

You will be logged off the Hub manager and network if you made changes wirelessly. Find the new network name by searching the internet and reconnect using the new password.

Last words

As you can see, it is easy to access the Plusnet Hub settings if you have all the necessary information. You will need to remember the changes that you made to log in to Plusnet Hub.

As an extra layer of security, the admin password can also be changed. You can make that change as well. Remember that you must reset Plusnet Hub’s factory settings in case of losing the admin password. After that, you will be able to set up your network from scratch. Factory reset will erase all changes made. You can login again with your default password and IP, so be sure to save these.

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