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Signeasy is now an Apple Mobility Partner

by stacy

Our partnership with Apple Mobility has been in the works for quite some time, and we are finally ready to make the official announcement: Signeasy is now an official Apple Mobility partner. Following the release of this game-changing update, we join a small group of business solution providers who share the same mission of assisting companies to reinvent their processes on iPhone and iPad.

As a new Apple mobility partner, Signeasy has exposed itself as the world’s leading eSignature solution to hundreds of millions of new prospective consumers all over the world, establishing itself as the world’s leading eSignature solution. With our ability to link to a varied collection of developers and programmes (including major solutions such as Box, Freshbooks, Quickbooks, and Procore), as well as give seamless workflows to business users on iPhone and iPad, they can run their enterprises from any location they want. It also provides employees with the flexibility to work from home or on their own devices.

In the words of Signeasy’s founder and CEO Sunil Patro, “Signeasy is one of the most well-liked, insanely easy-to-use, and secure e-signature solutions available for the iPhone and iPad.” “We are thrilled to be named an Apple mobility partner and to present our latest designs and features to ensure that iOS users have the greatest possible experience.” We believe that Apple products are the best for business customers, and that the security of iOS furthers our objective to improve how people all around the world sign and send documents.”

Additionally, in addition to design and user experience improvements across the board for business users, we’ve included support for crucial new capabilities on iOS 13 and iPadOS, such as the following:

Our software was already easy on the eyes, but adding a system-wide Dark Mode option provides users with a pleasant respite from the harsh blue light displayed on their screens. Darker backgrounds also help to conserve battery power, which is beneficial for clients who are constantly on the go.
Built-in Document Scanning — Signeasy makes advantage of the VisionKit framework to provide customers with a convenient in-app document scanner that allows them to quickly and easily transfer documents from the physical world to an iPhone or iPad with a single tap. Take a photo of each page using the device’s camera, and the software will convert the scan into a PDF that can be utilised right away in Signeasy.
Functionality for Multiple Windows — Signeasy users on iPad may now sign, track, and transfer documents while simultaneously cross-referencing a previous contract or agreement, thanks to multi-window support. Toggling between windows is made easier with the help of the App Exposé.
Dynamic Type — Without the need for any further action on the part of the user, Signeasy automatically adjusts the font size on the iPhone or iPad according to the iOS settings, resulting in an even more fluid experience when processing document processes.
Apple claims that its hand-selected mobility partners provide workflow solutions for their customers. A number of the world’s greatest developers, like Box, Expensify, and Signeasy, who are developing business solutions based on the latest iOS technology, have chosen to work together with Apple. These apps, when used together, are designed to provide power to organisations of any size or in any industry.

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