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How to Access Your Email Account

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is used to set up all Microsoft 365 accounts at Providence College, including email and OneDrive. To access your account from an off-campus network, you will need to have a password and a phone number.

This second step is required to log into your Microsoft 365 account. Each device or app that you use to access your Microsoft 365 account will prompt you. The option to save that device or app will be available for 30 days before being prompted again. For more information on MFA and your account, please refer to the following links.

First-time users

outlook.office.com allows you to access your email account.

You will be asked to provide additional information when you access your MFA email account for the first time. This is how MFA setup works. You have the option to receive a call or a message by text. The following prompts will appear.

Once you click “Setup”, you will be asked to enter your number and select a call or text message.

After the setup is completed, you will be contacted by a call or text to confirm the number.

Are you already a MFA user and would like to modify your settings?

You can visit http://aka.ms/mfasetup to change your MFA settings, including your various methods for authentication and the default method. When you visit this website, you will see the following screens:

You will see the following options when you click on “Add security information”.

What if you don’t have a text or phone plan and travel abroad?

The Authenticator app can be used. You can use the Authenticator app to authenticate. For more information, visit our MFA webpage.

Additional information

You can find more information about the features of your Providence College email address, including how you can add it to email clients at our page.

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