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IDES and MDE Students – Empowering Purple

This blog was created in order to further our mission of building community. Students and engineers can come together to learn more about each other. This blog can also be used to help prospective students understand that even if they feel they are not suited for a particular engineering discipline, they might find a home here. We are always open and hope to see you at the NEST!

Empowering Purple

Two types of engineering can be found in our country:

    • Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies (IDES)
    • Multidisciplinary Engineering (MDE).

There is no standard engineering student in the MDE/IDES program. We create new and emerging fields that extend the knowledge and breadth of engineering beyond the discipline. Our school is home to the future engineers, from Acoustical to Humanitarian and Global Defense. Our strength and community are formed by the many paths that our students take and how they view engineering. Students can take classes in many disciplines, contribute to valuable areas of work, go to top-tier graduate programs and even get into professional schools. MDE/IDES encourages students to make a difference and apply engineering wherever they go.

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