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Ralink Technology Corp On My Network (What Is This Unknown Device on My Network?)

by stacy

You’ve just noticed Ralink Technology Corp on your network and are now concerned that your home network has been compromised. Don’t panic just yet; the Ralink Technology device could very well be one of yours.

However, there’s a potential that the security of your network has been compromised. So, verify what caused it to emerge on your network and make sure your network and any associated devices are safe.

This is where you need to verify that there is no security problem. A hacker could easily disguise the malicious device using Ralink Technology Corp as a name change to get past your router security checks. These steps will help you identify the unidentified device.

  • To identify a problem device, turn them one at a time or disable their Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • You have found your Ralink device if it disappears from the list. If it does not vanish, it is not your device. In that situation, you must immediately tighten your Wi-Fi security by changing your Wi-Fi password.

Ralink Technology Corp On My Network

What is Ralink Technology Corp?

Ralink Technology Corporation is a leader in the manufacture of wireless LAN chipsets (Local Area Network) for communication and home consumer devices.

Ralink Technology Corp chipsets have been used in many networking devices, such as D-Link (Asus), Belking, Gigabyte and Netgear. As a result, it’s rather common for a Ralink Technology Corp to emerge on your network from time to time, as the chipset is likely to be found in the majority of your Wi-Fi-enabled devices.


There are a few ways to make sure the Ralink device isn’t one of your devices. Continue reading to learn more.

Change the Network SSID Password

Hackers may be able to hack into your network using disguises such as Ralink Technology Corp so that their owner doesn’t notice them. You can kick the hackers out of your network.

This is where changing your network SSID is the best option. It’s your network name, and your password. After changing these credentials, your devices will be automatically disconnected from your network.

You will need to join your devices and then you will have to enter the new, more complex password for each device. They will need to have a lot of resources in order to gain access again to your network.

Here are the steps to change your network password and SSID.

  • To open the RUN dialog box, press the Windows key and the ‘r” key simultaneously.
  • Click OK and type ‘CMD’ into the dialogue box.
  • The command prompt will open. Hit enter and type ‘ipconfig. .
  • Now you can view all network information. Copy the IPv4 address.
  • Start a new web browser and enter your default IP address.
  • The login page for your router will be opened. Enter your password and router name (these information can be found at the back of the router or in the manual).
  • You will be taken to the router’s admin page. Click on the Wireless tab.
  • Here you can modify your SSID and password.

Here are some suggestions for setting up SSIDs or passwords.

Select an innocuous name. Don’t mention the brand of your router. It won’t be foolproof but it will serve as an immediate deterrent to hackers. Hackers will be able to hack your router more easily if they know which type it is. Poor SSIDs include LENOVO-5G and MY_APPLE.

Password Use a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters like @*#&^!. The following passwords should be avoided: 123456, qwerty, birthdate, and phone number.

Disable Windows Connect Now

Windows Connect Now allows computers and mobile devices to communicate in a safer environment. It is very easy to use and offers strong security features.

WCN is typically pre-configured in Windows. If you don’t wish for intruders taking advantage of it, you can disable them. These are the steps you need to take in order to disable WCN on your computer.

  • To open the RUN dialog box, press the Windows key and the ‘r” key simultaneously.
  • Click OK and enter services.msc in the dialog box.
  • You have many options. Continue scrolling to Windows Connect Now.
  • Right-click Windows Connect Now for Stop.

Windows Connect Now

  • Next, click right-click and choose Properties
  • Select Startup type from the drop-down menu Disabled.
  • Don’t forget to select Apply and press OK.

select Disabled


Although seeing Ralink Technology Corp on your network isn’t cause for alarm because it’s most likely one of your devices, you should still be cautious. To keep your Wi-Fi network safe, use the strategies listed below.

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