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by stacy

What Makes A Really Good Email?

Let’s start by explaining Really Great Emails. It is an Internet site that attempts to collect the best email in the universe into one place. Really Good Emails (or RGE) is a website that aims to provide the best examples of email design and resources online. We provide transparency into customer and product email cycles that are not possible elsewhere.

This is a transcription from a talk given by EiQ 2017 in Atlanta.

We are responsible for finding all the amazing emails people send us. They organize them, then critique them. We aim to be the epicenter for email marketers, developers, and designers.

We get asked a lot about “What makes an email really great?”. It is on our website. If you send an email but it isn’t accepted, you might want to read it.

After reviewing thousands of emails, we have come up with these guidelines:

What makes a good email?

  • This email links visual design to a simple hierarchy.
  • The content is more important to the customer than it is to the company.
  • The consistency is present across branding, website, and app experiences. The website and email both look and feel identical.
  • This campaign uses best-in-class technology (Brands should push the boundaries and try new things in their inbox. This is what interests us and what we won’t share with our audience.
  • Because it delights and surprises, it’s fun. Even boring transactional emails can be entertaining to receive.
  • Based on our knowledge about email marketing, email will perform well.
  • It balances text and imagery (All 2018 image emails are no’s).
  • It’s accessible on all devices and screens. It is accessible to everyone.

These are not all equally important.

Verticals should not be compared to their verticals. They should not compare to their vertical. It is either good or bad.

These same people above also asked: “That’s great and all, but what are you actually looking at?” How do I get onto your site? Each email we review is weighed against different factors before making a final decision. This is our internal checklist. It may be useful to you as you create your email. This is what all marketers should do before sending emails.

What Are We Looking At?

  • Subject line
  • Text for the pre-header
  • Email layout patterns
  • Images
  • Typography
  • Whitespace
  • Mobile Optimization
  • CTA Design
  • Text CTA Ratio
  • Video
  • Animated GIFs (Does this add value?
  • Interactivity: An action in an email that triggers another event within the email.
  • Personalization
  • Voice & Tone
  • Finishing the footer
  • Legal

See our critique process in action. You are in the right place, baby. Here are some breakdowns of cool brands we love to feature. We receive a lot of email submissions. Here are some of the most requested and our favorites.

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