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Router Keeps Resetting: Why and How to Fix it?

Why and How to Fix it?

by stacy

It’s not uncommon for our home network router to reset out of the blue. It is reported by users as the most frequent problem with routers. It is important to remember that all routers need to be rebooted at some point. However, the problem arises when the router keeps restarting.

Imagine not sleeping for weeks. Our bodies need rest. Although most hardware is durable, it does need downtime. So, the router keeps resetting and it’s quite annoying, but we might have a couple solutions for this.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to review router resetting causes and explain the solutions to this issue.

Router Keeps Resetting – Causes

There are Four main reasons routers keep resetting. It is possible to fix some of these problems, but not others. Purchase a new router. Instead of buying a new router, you might want to investigate these causes.

Overheated router

One common reason a router might keep resetting is that it’s overheating. This means that the router’s operating temperature is higher then it should be. Most routers don’t have fans cooling them, but we can always check if this is the problem byPlace a fan near it.

If it works properly and there’s no more resetting, then it’s an overheating problem. This is most common when the router’s location is not ideal. no airflowYou can also choose between two objects.

Firmware for an Outdated Router

The most common reason for router problems or failures is Old firmware. It’s like on any other device, phones, laptops, and other smart devices have operating systems. Buggy operating systems can lead to a variety of problems. Software update Released.

Think of your smartphone, imagine maps won’t open, or the camera doesn’t work properly. Although you can take pictures, it takes quite a while to process the videos. The manufacturer releases updates, which are great for the camera.

Power Issues

A simpler reason for your router resetting is that there’s an issue with the cables, plugs, connectors or the Electricity supply itself. This issue is not difficult to fix. All we need is to make sure that every power connection is checked.

The router may shut down if we move the cables. If that’s the case, then we need toBuy new cables.

Too many devices

It’s not uncommon for a router to reboot or slow down at some point randomly because there are Too many devicesIt can be connected to other devices. The router’s job is to forward packets of data between devices in the network.

It basically tells the network where data is going from the internet. The device that sends a request gets a reply. This is a difficult task, especially when you have to do it for more than 10 devices simultaneously.

So, the router might reset to eliminate some connections because it’s Not intended to be handled This volume.

Router Keeps Resetting – Fixes

There are several ways to resolve the problem. These steps are easy to do and require very little effort. So, let’s see the most common fixes:

  • The good old factory reset: A factory reset is a good option to resolve most problems with your hardware and operating system. This might resolve the problem that causes your router to keep resetting.
If router keeps resetting reset it to factory settings

The factory reset is not uncommon for routers, and that’s why it’s such a simple thing to do. Simply locate the Reset button and hold it for fifteen seconds using a paperclip. Wait for the full reset and it’s done.

  • Update Router firmware: If the manufacturer releases a firmware update, and your router doesn’t get the update, it’s good to look and compare whether you have the newest version of the operating system or not.
tp-link firmware upgrade

Simply go to your router’s configuration page by typing the IP addressEnter the Send an email to addressbar Your browser. Hit Enter. Once there, there’s usually an Advanced. Go to System Management > Information about the system > Version Software.

Compare this firmware version with the one on your provider’s website. If there are two different versions, you might need to update your router’s firmware.

You will need to visit the Advanced > Administration > Firmware Update > Look online for the latest version Click on, then. Check out. The problem should disappear once you have restarted the router.

  • Troubleshoot Ethernet Connection Windows 10 comes with a very useful option. We can right-clickConnect to any other connection Troubleshoot it. This will reset the drivers and adapters, and fix any possible problems.

The router reset may be caused by an Ethernet connection. If this is the case, the connection can be repaired after the troubleshooter has finished.

  • You might try a different outlet: When there’s a power problem, we can try a different outlet, and if the router still keeps resetting, we can try new cables. This could resolve the problem.
  • You can change the router’s location The router should not be placed in an area that is too hot. Make sure that there’s enough airflow, and that there are no other heat-emitting objects surrounding the router, and The router should be kept out of the sunlight.
  • The whole thing should be cleaned You might need to clean the router and replace the heat sinks if it is heating too much. You may Clean the chip Apply thermal paste to the surface with 90% alcohol.

You could also replace worn out fans by Cooling fans are now available They are also faster. It should work perfectly fine after you’ve done that.

If the router keeps restarting after you’ve tried all of these steps, it may be time to call support. Sometimes it’s just easier to contact someone who’s an expert on the matter, and they’ll simply guide you through the repair process.


Like any piece of machinery, routers can become overloaded, overloaded, overheated or just plain old. It doesn’t matter if they are under- or overloaded, it is possible to improve their performance and that of the entire home network.

Make sure your router runs smoothly in a well ventilated place and that it is updated with the most recent firmware version. If none these solutions work, it may be time to get a new router. You can contact support to get a solution for your router. I love to bike when I need to let off steam. I enjoy hiking and swimming. Fishing is my favorite activity when I need to relax and clear my head.

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