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How William Ryan Homes keeps their mobile teams connected with Signeasy

by stacy

It is safe to state that William Ryan Homes is one of the most productive homebuilders in the United States because they have 11,000 completed building projects and have been in business for 27 years. It was only a matter of time until our eSignature software became their primary option for completing paperwork given that they have a fleet of mobile superintendents and a very apt company slogan (which is “we make it easy”).

According to Peter Guzman, who serves as the IT Coordinator, the procedure for completing paperwork prior to the implementation of Signeasy went something like this: WRH’s superintendents were required to print a work order in advance, bring it to the worksite, manually collect the required signatures, locate a scanner, and email the completed document to the administrative team. Sometimes, the last step required transporting the physical paper back to the office so that it could be filed away, rather than utilising email to communicate with the recipient.

It should come as no surprise that this procedure resulted in the frittering away of a significant amount of time and money. That was the thing that brought them to Signeasy.

Signeasy is a favourite of William Ryan Homes since it saves time.

With the help of Signeasy, WRH was able to reduce the amount of time it took to complete their processes by more than 90 percent after they digitised their workflow and did away with the “sign, scan, submit” procedure. Cameron Peldo, who is in charge of purchasing, was quoted as saying, “It absolutely amounts to dollars and cents at the bottom line.”

— Mobile compatibility

Because WRH’s superintendents and supervisors spend a significant amount of time out in the field building homes, Apple equipped them with iPads early on in the company’s history. The user-friendly mobile software that Signeasy provides enables employees to complete work while they are on the move, either online or offline, and then synchronise their progress with the rest of the team.

– Quicker sales

Spending less time on paperwork allows for an increase in the amount of time spent actually getting work done. Peldo stated that if we could have paperwork signed more quickly, it would result in a faster development time, which would be really beneficial for us. “We are able to sell the residence to the consumer in a more expedient manner.”

– Centralization

All of WRH’s signed documents are now consolidated into a single, easy-to-access digital place, making them quickly ready for delivery anywhere in the world thanks to Signeasy. In this way, workers at any one of their five sites may access all of the same documents, which helps to maintain the consistency and convenience of their business processes.

— A laser-like concentration

According to Peter Guzman, an IT Coordinator at William Ryan Homes, “With all the time Signeasy has saved our superintendents, they are now able to focus more on the home building process and what the customer wants.”

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