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Sagemcom Router Login and Basic Configuration

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A Brief Summary

Learn how to login and configure your Sagemcom wireless router.

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Note: Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may require that you log in to their web portal in order to activate your Internet connection. For more information, please contact your ISP.

How to log in to Sagemcom router

1. Connect to your network

To login to your router, connect your device to your home network via an Ethernet cable. Generally, a device (PC, smartphone or tablet) which is not part of the network can’t be used to access the router settings or the so called Web GUI. This is important and you wouldn’t like to miss this step.

2. Use your web browser to go to

The router’s Web GUI can be accessed using the web browser you normally use. You just need to enter the Sagemcom router login IP into the URL bar.

The Sagemcom router login iP address

Sagemcom is used as a default router IP.

3. Enter the router login details into the new window

If the IP address you just entered is correct, Sagemcom will ask you to enter your Sagemcom login information. These details are located at the back of the router. It is highly recommended that you change them later.

These are the default Sagemcom router login information:

Username: admin

Password: admin

Click LOGINThese details will be entered after you’ve completed the form.

You will now see the Sagemcom router settings pages.

Sagemcom settings page

Sagemcom router configuration page allows you to modify router settings that directly enhance the security of your home network. It also offers a few more advanced tweaks that are not of any interest to the average user.

It is vital to protect our wireless networks, because we all care about our security.

How to protect your Sagemcom Router

Change the Sagemcom router username and password

First, the router username and password are not the exact same as the wireless username or password. The router settings can be accessed by the first, while the wireless username and password will allow you to connect to the internet.

The router login details shouldn’t be shared with other people since they can easily modify your router settings or disable your internet connection.

1. Log in to the router settings page.

2. Click the Access Control icon.

3. Select USERIn the top menu

4. Type adminThe Username field in case it isn’t already written there.

5. Click the Show Password box.

6. In the following box, enter your old password Use an old password field

7. In the PasswordPlease enter your new password here.

8. Enter the new password in the Confirm Password field.

9. Click Apply.

How to secure your Wi-Fi network

These steps play an important part in protecting your wireless network’s security. They will be marked in red.

Two buttons will appear in the middle of your screen after you have logged into Sagemcom. WiFi 2.4GHz and WiFi 5GHz. They are both activated by default. You can choose to use one or both. Click on the network you wish to enable or disable, then click Basic. You can toggle ON or OFF the network.

You can leave the ON switch on and continue to the next step. It is important to note that the configurations for the 2.4GHz network and the 5GHz network are similar.

How to Change the Wireless SSID (Network name)

Every device within range of the network name can see it. The default value of the network name is dangerous because anyone who wants to connect to it can see the router that you use and can find the default wireless passcode which will give him access to the network.

1. As explained before, log into your Sagemcom router.

2. Click on the desired network to be configured (2.4GHz or 5.GHz).

3. Click the BASICTab, and in BasicSection you will find SSID as well as your current network name.

4. Click the button to add your network name. Visible box.

It is a good idea to make the SSID visible so that it can be easily identified by your network. It is best to keep it visible so that you don’t get headaches when you connect new devices to your network.

5. Click on Apply.

How to change Sagemcom Router WiFi channel

It is a good idea to switch your Wi-Fi channel, as there may be other Wi-Fi networks and devices that can interfere. The router will choose the best channel by setting the channel to Auto. If you wish your router to use a different channel, you can choose it yourself.

1. Log in to the router

2. Select the network you would like to change

3. Click on the BASIC tab, and you will be taken to the Basic section.

4. Scroll down to Channel Selection to set it to Auto, or select the channel you wish to use.

5. To save the changes, click on Apply

How to change the network password and encryption

You will need the SSID and password to connect to your wireless networks. We’ve already covered how to change your SSID. Now let’s see how to change the default wireless password.

1 Login for Sagemcom Router

2. Choose the network you want to modify – 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

3. Select the BASICTab in the top navigation

4. Scroll down to the Security section.

5. Select the Security drop-down to narrow your selection WPA2 Personal.

6. In the Password fieldType the new wireless password. Be sure to create a memorable and strong password.

7. Click ApplySave the changes.

Final words

You should have completed all steps and measures described if you followed our Sagemcom router log-in instructions. These are the only configuration and security changes that you need to make.

If you need to dig deeper, you can also create a Guest network. This is useful if your primary wireless network is not secure. You can then use the Parental Controls to limit or control the time that your children spend online. You can also block some specific web sites so they can’t be accessed from your network, share printers and storage devices and the list goes on.

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