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The secret to winning sales: a kickass sales proposal template

by stacy

It is sometimes a matter of life and death when it comes to closing the next major deal. Okay, I admit that was a bit of an exaggeration. However, if you work in sales, you are aware that there is some truth to this statement. Because we live in an era of abundant products, where buyers are fussy and product differentiation is difficult, your life tends to revolve around generating leads and converting those leads. According to a study conducted by RAIN Group, only 47 percent of proposals result in a successful transaction. This is why you must ensure that your sales proposal impresses from the start and ensures that you will gain more business than you lose.

Why do you need a great sales proposal?

It is via the use of a sales proposal that you can present your services or products to potential clients or leads for consideration. It also serves as the first official document that your prospective client or lead receives from your company.

As a result, it must impress and demonstrate to your prospective customers the following:

Your comprehension of their requirements – objectives, budget, key stakeholders, and timetable –

The unique selling points of your products

Your company’s and employees’ backgrounds are important considerations.

Your capacity to provide solutions to challenges that the potential client may be experiencing

Describe how the solution provided by your company is a perfect match for their requirements – the evident value your solution provides to the client in terms of alleviating their problems.

The success of your sales conversions is directly related to how well you cover these points in the sales proposal. Nonetheless, you will agree that putting up a proposal that is impenetrable does not rate high on your team’s list of sales enablement priorities.

For those of you who have recently received a request for proposal (RFP) from a possible client that you have been eyeing for a while, continue reading to learn what you should include in your winning proposal.

Designing a cover page that is visually appealing – Despite the fact that it does not have to be flashy, the cover page of a sales proposal must be visually appealing in order to capture the prospect’s attention and compel them to read the rest of the document. Its visual appearance should also be consistent with the brand’s overall identity. Consider the following examples: a business that is all about trust and transparency could use shades of blue on the cover (and throughout the template), with a lot of white space, while a quirky brand could experiment more with bright colours and kitschy graphics.
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This area can be filled with photographs, names, and designations of the core members who are active in the new business outreach initiatives, as well as information on their roles and responsibilities. This will assist them in putting a face to the otherwise remote transaction, which is especially important in this day and age of remote work. Also, make sure to provide links to the LinkedIn profiles of these folks so that prospects can see how well-regarded they are in their respective industries. This page is especially important if you are selling a product or service that requires a lot of human connection.

Business overview – In this section, you demonstrate the strength of your brand and summarise its value. Never forget to specify the regions where your firm has a presence, the number of clients it has served, the number of employees, and other pertinent information about your organisation.

In addition, include a brief description of the underlying advantages that your company provides.

The scope of the job — Based on your review of the RFP, create a list of all of the problems that the customer is trying to solve, as well as the related goals for each problem area. It is possible that the solution that you will propose to the prospect in the sales proposal will aid the prospect in achieving these objectives.

In addition, strong proposals are based on thorough study into the client’s sector and vertical market segmentation. To that aim, carry out your due research and include a section that sheds light on critical insights that will assist the prospect in comprehending why you are suggesting a particular product (in the next section). For example, if a company is marketing touchless technology to universities, it should provide data-backed insight into how schools require additional technological inputs in order to function in a post-COVID future.

Provide the following as a solution: In this section, you discuss the greatest solutions available to your prospective customer from your portfolio of products/services in order to help them overcome their obstacles with the least amount of effort. Make a point of emphasizing the distinctive characteristics of each product that the buyer can only obtain from your company.

How to avoid common sales proposal mistakes

Pricing is, without a doubt, one of the most important sections of the document. You define in detail how much you intend to charge for the product in this section. Also specify whether you charge on a monthly or per-product basis, as well as whether there are any add-on features. In addition, be sure to offer multiple bundles so that the prospect has a greater number of options to choose from based on their requirements and budget.

When it comes to processes and timetables, provide a detailed timeline and description of how the product will be integrated into the prospect’s business operations after the payment has been received.

Case studies and testimonials: According to Nielsen research, 70 percent of purchasers believe in testimonials, even if they come from someone they don’t know or don’t understand. If you could acquire suggestions from other players in the same industry as your target, imagine how much more effective your sales tool would be! Additionally, case studies with quantified return on investment (ROI) can be quite beneficial in converting the lead into a sale.

Company Logos 1 is a collection of eight company logos.

Attach a copy of the sales contract. A formal conversion from a prospect to a customer is required in order to complete the conversion process. Use a straightforward sales contract, such as this one, at the conclusion of the sales proposal form, or a more elaborate contract, such as this one. Due to the fact that both parties will be located in different locations, it is essential to employ an eSignature solution such as Signeasy to ensure that both parties sign the sales proposal.
*Please keep in mind that in order to accept this proposal, both the seller and the prospect must sign the simple sales contract that is included with the service proposal. Despite the fact that we are not legal professionals, this is an excellent starting point for you. Make sure you have it reviewed by a legal specialist to ensure that it complies with local laws and regulations.

How to avoid the most common sales proposal blunders

The difference between a successful sale and a failed sale is frequently a failure to pay sufficient attention to the details of the sales presentation. Such inexperienced errors can actually cost you a customer. So, here are a few procedures to follow in order to build a sales proposal that is both entertaining and free of errors:

Keep the text straightforward, concise, and to the point. Even a 6th grader should have no trouble comprehending what is being said. This would also imply avoiding the use of industry-specific jargon to the greatest extent possible. You may use a tool such as the Hemingway app to determine whether or not the proposal is reader-friendly.

Say “no” to grammatical errors and typographical errors. Content that has been written in a hurry and has not been proofread reflects negatively on your company. So make sure to cross your ts and dot your i’s when it comes to the spelling and grammar of the material for your sales pitch. Grammarly and other similar apps might definitely come to your aid in this situation.

Make use of visuals. A prospect’s attention span is typically shorter than 8 seconds, thus large blocks of text are unlikely to hold his or her attention for an extended period of time. As a result, whenever you believe an image can convey more information than a handful of lines of text in a proposal, always choose the more aesthetically appealing choice.

Stay away from drab copy. There are numerous methods to express the same concept. Nonetheless, if you want the prospect to go through the full proposal, you need create a compelling narrative/story that revolves around your brand and how it solves the prospect’s pain points (or vice versa).

Don’t speak in the passive voice. Instead, employ active voice, which is more concise and less wordy than the passive form and is ideal for reeling in those elusive prospects.

Don’t just copy and paste the template. While the template was designed to save you time by avoiding the need to rewrite sales proposals on a regular basis, you should avoid just copying and pasting it and changing the names of the clients. When it comes to sales proposals, a one-size-fits-all strategy will just not work. Make sure to personalise the proposal for each and every new lead, as well as their industry, in order to ensure that it connects more effectively with them.

How Signeasy can be of assistance

Already have the sales proposal template on your computer? For those seeking even greater productivity gains, an eSignature system such as Signeasy can assist in the following ways:

How Signeasy can help

Keep up with the times. The ability to get email notifications ensures that you are always aware of when your client has opened, reviewed, and interacted with your sales proposal and contract.

Proposals should be encrypted. If your proposal contains important or proprietary information (price, technical specifications, etc.), you should consider encrypting it with a password to limit who has access to it.

Templates allow you to save time on administrative tasks. Every minute saved by not having to start from scratch when preparing sales proposals may be spent nurturing leads and increasing revenue. If you’re in the business of selling, time is literally money. This is why Signeasy allows you to save proposals and contract templates to the cloud, where they may be reused with new prospects and clients.

Allow for some degree of flexibility in the document format. It is possible for your clients to download the sales proposal in any format they like, including PDF, MS-Office (docx, xls, xlsx, powerpoint), Open-Office (text, html, rtf, csv), pictures (JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF), and Apple Pages.

Allow for signing to take place in the course of work. When you use Signeasy, you can sign and share contracts within your existing workflow. Signeasy can interface with your existing applications, such as Outlook, G Suite, and Microsoft Office, to make signing and sharing contracts even easier. Also compatible with the automation platform Zapier, which allows you to automatically save signed sales proposals and agreements in your cloud storage and send notifications to Slack or other productivity tools once a document is authorised. Consider how much time you’ll save as a result of this feature!

Sign from anywhere: Your prospects don’t need a Signeasy account to sign sales contracts and they can sign from any d

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