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Samsung Tablet Connected To WiFi But No Internet

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Many people have reported being unable to connect their Samsung tablet to Wi-Fi because the internet is unavailable. It’s time to think about what’s going on if our Samsung tablet appears to be linked to Wi-Fi but no internet connection is seen.

First, we must comprehend why this occurs. We need to know how to connect a Samsung tablet to the internet effectively. We should also talk about how to solve this situation. So let’s get started.

Samsung Tablet Is Connected, But It Doesn’t Have Internet

The most typical problem that current gadgets encounter is that they are connected to a wireless signal but do not have internet access on that network. The most plausible answer is that your home network consists of a router and a modem.

The modem is either not connected to the internet or is not transmitting it to the router. As a result, your wireless router does not give internet connection via Wi-Fi. The most prevalent reason is this.

But it’s not that simple. There are a variety of reasons why your Samsung tablet and router establish a wireless connection, but there is no internet. Physical damage, obsolete drivers, and firmware issues are all possibilities.

Connecting Your Samsung To Wi-Fi

We usually have issues with the connection because we didn’t do something properly. These are the steps to properly connect your Samsung tablet with Wi-Fi. These steps will help you:

  • Go to Settings You can do this on your tablet.
  • Choose the Wireless & Networks option.
  • Once you have found the right place, it is time to make your choice. Wi-Fi settingsTurn on the Wi Fi.
  • Choose your wireless network among the available options.
  • Remember to enter your password for the wireless network.

You’ve successfully connected to your network. Everything should be OK. If you’re having trouble identifying the currently accessible networks, look at the bottom of the screen.

Samsung Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet Fixes

Once we have learned how to properly connect a Samsung tablet via Wi-Fi, we can then discuss the solutions. We need to first verify the connection. Next, fix the date and/or time.

Verify your connection

The most obvious explanation for something not working properly is usually the most evident. It could be anything as simple as not connecting to any network. This may sound stupid, but there have been numerous occasions when we have been disconnected.

As a result, we must confirm that we are linked to our wireless network. If this was the problem all along, it’s a simple remedy. If you’re connected to your network but can’t connect to the internet, try the other solutions.

Automatic Date and Timing

The problem is that when our Samsung tablet’s clock isn’t synchronised, we have some troubles with functionality. The time must be synchronised with the network provider’s time.

To do so, we must first go to the main screen, which contains the programmes. From there, you may access the apps. Settings There are plenty additional destinations to visit. Management in general. Then select Date and Time.

You’ll be able to enable the Automatic date and time feature.

This will give you your network’s values. This will verify that the time is accurate, and you’ll be able to use your wifi signal to access to the internet.

Tweak DHCP

If the network-provided date and time do not work, you may need to change your DNS server settings. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and hold down the Wi-Fi button for a long time to connect to the network.

A network modification option will be available. Make sure the Show advanced options box is checked after you’ve selected it. Swipe to see advanced options, and select Static from the IP settings.

You can retrieve the last number between 2 and 20 by changing your IP address from here. The IP address will be Finally, you must make some adjustments. DNS1 DNS2 To

We need to Save these changes when we’ve made them. This problem should be resolved, and all Samsung tablet functionalities should be operational.

Forget everything

This is often the second thing that we do after trying to fix connectivity issues. We just forget our wireless network. Clearing the Wi-Fi data, and then entering all details again is usually enough to get the job done.

We must go to the Apps screenNext, click on Settings The All tab. Tab. Wireless & networksAnd touch the Wi-Fi settings. You’ll see the Wi-Fi networks section.

Click on your wireless network to click on Do not forget. Once you’ve done that, simply turn the Wi Fi off and on again. Find your network, and then enter the password again to connect. This should solve the problem.

Factory reset

The factory reset is always mentioned because it allows you to restore the factory settings if the system was not working correctly with the default settings. We need to visit the Apps MenuChoose the Settings app.

We have to get to Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Tablet. There’s going to be a prompt to erase everything. The object must be touched. Eliminate EverythingAfter pressing the button, all data on our Samsung tablet has been deleted, including wireless network settings. Everything should work properly after we’ve done that.


We now understand why our Samsung tablet is connected to Wi-Fi but has no internet connection, as well as how to resolve the issue. You can disconnect from the network and reconnect later. The date and time settings that aren’t synchronised are the obvious suspects.

Contact Samsung support if none of the solutions work for you. They might be able to provide the answer you’re looking for. Your Samsung tablet can be reset to factory settings. These are typically effective.

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