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by stacy

Steps to scan a document and Send email Using iphone mail app

Scan To Email App

Recently the Mail application has been updated on the iPhone and now it is easier than ever to scan and email a document or attach the document from cloud storage to an email. Get to know the mail. Get to know the new mail.

Photos and files have always been attached to an email in the mail app on the iPhone and iPad. If you want to send a printed document to someone, you can take the camera with a photo and attach it to a message.

However, a scanned document is not a photo. One way it differs is that a photograph contains a distracting background, whereas a document scan only contains the document. You can take a photo of the document on a clear background, but it is not as good as a correct scan. Also, often a scanned document is not needed to be colorful and black and white is okay, sometimes it is easier to read in mono instead of color.

This makes a scan function better than the ability in certain circumstances to attach a photo to an e-mail. It’s more aimed at corporate communications than fun messages between friends, and you will find scanning very useful when you use your iPhone for emails.

When an employee requests a copy of a text, you do not have to take an image, create an email, scan, insert and simply send it into the post. There is no need to scan apps or photo libraries from third parties. Scanning and sending.

Let’s look at how it works. At least iOS 13 on an iPhone or iPad is required to use the feature.

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