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Scan To Email FedEx – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Where to Scan Documents: Stores, Apps, & More Options Listed

A free scanning app or the single-page scanner on top of your printer will likely not enough if you have a large number of documents to scan or if your papers are oddly shaped. Fortunately, several national chains have scanners in their stores. Below is a list of businesses that provide scanning services and/or scanning kiosks where you may complete your scanning project quickly and efficiently.

What do We recommend?

The UPS Store has the greatest “bulk” scanning costs if you need to scan a big quantity of documents. Aside from that, FedEx locations and office supply outlets such as Staples and Office Depot/OfficeMax will most likely be the best choices for unusual scanning jobs. You can get 10% back on scanning purchases if you join the Office Depot/OfficeMax rewards program. If you only need to scan a few regular-sized pages, you can use a free scanner program like CamScanner, or you can get your documents scanned for free or for a nominal cost at your local library.

The List

The companies listed below provide scanning services for a fee, but none of them publish their scanning prices online. We contacted customer service representatives from each store to obtain pricing information; to confirm availability, call ahead to your intended store before making the trip. Starting with the greatest overall possibilities, we’ve arranged the list below.

1. The UPS Store

Because UPS locations are independently owned franchises, each one provides slightly different print services and can charge a different fee for them.

The cost of scanning is:[1]

For a ten-page document, the average cost per scan is around $5.

For a document of up to 100 pages, the cost is between $10 and $30 per scan, as long as it is all one document.

Customers can rent computer workstations at many UPS Store locations and scan documents and images as needed.[2]

2. FedEx

Self-service kiosks and team members that can scan items for you are available at most FedEx facilities.

The cost of scanning is:[3]Small documents cost $0.49 per page.

Large documents of three square feet or less are $5.99; documents of more than three square feet are $9.99.

You won’t be able to use the self-serve kiosk if your document is larger than a standard sheet of paper; a FedEx employee will have to scan it for you.[3]

Locate a FedEx drop-off location. (Make sure you choose a FedEx Office Print & Ship Center rather than a DropBox or an Authorized Ship Center.)

3. Office Depot/OfficeMax is a chain of office supply stores.

The cost of scanning is $2.99 for the first page and $0.25 for each additional page[4].

Details: If you want to use the scanning services, you should sign up for the Rewards+ program, which is a store loyalty card that gives you 10% off scanning services. The 10% discount also applies to other print shop activities such as copying and shipping. It can also be used to buy ink and toner. [5][6]

Locate an Office Depot/OfficeMax store.

4. Staples

Self-service kiosks for scanning documents are available at Staples locations, but you must have a credit or debit card to use them.

The cost of scanning is $0.50 per page[7].

Details: Joining the Staples Rewards program could be worth your time if you plan to do a lot of scanning at Staples. You can earn up to 5% back on all purchases except gift cards and postage if you join the program, which is free to join.

  • Find a Staples store near you.
  • Scanning Services at Other Locations

Other types of businesses frequently provide scanning services, though availability varies by location; you can phone ahead to confirm. We’ve arranged the list below in order of the places most likely to provide the service at the lowest cost.

5. Libraries

Your local library is likely to be able to scan large amounts of material. Library workers will likely assist you in scanning a few pages if you have a library card with no outstanding fines. Many public libraries charge a small price for scans (usually $0.10 per page) or limit the number of pages you can scan, however many others provide the service for free and without restrictions. You can double-check by calling your local library.

Furthermore, if you are a college student or a member of your school’s alumni association, your school library is almost certain to have a scanner.

6. Hotels

Many hotels offer visitor access to business centers. Printers with scanners are occasionally included in these services. Furthermore, if the document is small, the front desk may be able to scan it for you. If you wait until the front desk administrator is not busy — ideally in the evening — this is more likely to work. Even if you aren’t a hotel guest, it’s worth asking if they can scan it for you.

7. Agencies that handle travel

Many travel agencies have scanners on hand and may be able to assist you while on the road. If you’re on a trip booked through a travel agency with a network of offices and can get to one of them, the office will most likely assist you; but, any travel agency (including those outside the network) may agree to scan your document. It doesn’t hurt to ask if you have an urgent need to scan anything.

Document Scanning Apps That Are Free

You might be able to download an app that does the scanning for you if you have a smartphone and don’t need to scan a large number of documents. These apps use improved camera technology to create scans that are as clear as those created with a scanner.

8. CamScanner

Details: The basic CamScanner program is available for free download. It allows you to photograph your documents and convert them to PDFs. You can then save them to your cloud storage, email them to yourself, or send them to others. You can even shoot and save numerous pages as a single document.[10]

  • iPhone and Android versions are available.
  • Find out more or get a copy.

9. Evernote

Details: Evernote is a fantastic productivity program, but you may not be aware that it also allows you to scan documents and photographs with your phone. With this program, you may convert anything into a PDF, store it in your cloud account, or email it to anyone.[11]

  • iPhone and Android versions are available.
  • Find out more or get a copy.

10. Scan for Genius

Details: The free version of Genius Scan is an excellent program for scanning a few pages at a time. Multiple pages can be saved as a single PDF file and sent to anyone. The scans can also be exported to a variety of cloud storage services. To get the best-looking scans, it employs perspective correction.[12]

  • Only available on iPhone.
  • Find out more or get a copy.

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