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Scan to email hp envy 4520

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How To Scan From HP Envy 4520 Printer To Computer, Email, Phone And Laptop

Useful guises for scanning from the printer of HP Envy 4520, available and helpful for computer scanning, email scanning, pdf scanning, phone scanning, laptop scanning, scanning multiple pages and fixing an unworkable scanner.

How To Scan From HP Envy 4520

  • Download the complete feature driver kit on our website and test the configuration available for the HP Scan app.
  • Install the HP Scan software to perform the scan function with the prompts on the display.
  • Place the document or photo on the scanner glass and align it. If ADF is supported by the printer, use it only to scan documents rather than photos.
  • From the control panel of your printer, either tap the Scan button or the Scan menu if it is a touchscreen panel and pick your device name alongside the work form of the scan.
  • Let the printer complete the scan to check back to your computer if the folder containing the scanned document or image is displayed automatically.

Click the folder and see the scanned item to see if the scanned item is complete.

HP Envy 4520 Scan To Computer

The scan can be performed by following the steps provided in the HP Envy 4520 scan to your computer with the HP Printer Assistant. HP envy 4520 Computer scanning

  • On your Windows search bar, type HP Envy 4520. ‘
  • When your printer is already linked to your computer ‘s network, the search results display the printer name automatically.
  • The HP Printer Assistant opens by clicking on the printer pattern.
  • Check that you have correctly placed the document or image on the scanner glass.
  • Locate the scanning option on the HP Printer Assistant home screen, choose Computer scanning.
  • If you find that Scan to Computer is enabled already, disable and enable it again.
  • Now, retry scanning and check if it succeeds.

HP Envy 4520 Scan To Email

he scan to email feature sends the scanned document or image to the email address you are scanning directly as an attachment. Let’s see how to scan and email with this feature from HP Envy 4520.

  • Make sure you have a local email client account or web-based e-mail accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc.
  • Access the printer control panel, locate the scan menu, tap it, select the computer name, then select the PDF option for the Email.
  • Also, remember that you have an Applications menu on your printer in which you should have the Scan to Email feature. If you notice that option, e-mails should be sent directly from the e-mail address of the printer.

HP Envy 4520 Scan Multiple Pages

The HP Envy 4520 printer should be provided with an ADF (Auto Document Feeder) to easily search for more pages. Another way to do this is to use the default scanner glass which converts all pages to one PDF file. Go through the easy steps below and check it from the HP Envy 4520 guide in a jiffy way.

HP Envy 4520 How To Scan Multiple Pages

  • Place a document or picture on the surface of the scanner.
  • The copy resolution recommended is 300 DPI or less.
  • Choose your printer by searching for HP for Windows.
  • Click Scan and then the option Scan of a Document or Photo when the HP Printer Assistant opens.
  • Now the HP scan begins and chooses the File File Shortcut Save as PDF or Text.
  • If you have scanned using ADF, all scanned pages are put in a single file by clicking the Save choice clubs.
  • If it comes from the glass scanner, put the next document or photo on and click the Plus button in order to scan the remaining items.
  • After all the pages are scanned, click Save.

HP Envy 4520 Scan To Phone

  • Download the HP Smart app from the Google Play Store app on your smartphone or laptop.
  • Open the application and add the printer HP Envy 4520 by adding the Printer option.
  • Put the scannable object on a glass or ADF scanner (excluding photos).
  • Tap a Scan tile of your choosing from the list of scan tiles that appear on your phone screen.
  • To choose the source, color or black & white and resolution, click on the Settings icon.
  • Tap Download and then the button Add Pages (only if several pages have to be scanned).
  • The scan from HP Envy 4520 is now complete.

How To Scan From HP Envy 4520 To Laptop

Laptop or computer scanning is almost the same. You can scan or download from your printer using the HP Scan program and save it to your laptop.

  • Install your laptop with the required scan software.
  • Load a text or a picture of your choosing to scan the printer’s scanner glass.
  • Select HP and wait until your printer name is displayed in the search results in the Windows search box.
  • Click on your printer name and instantly the HP Printer Assistant device opens.
  • Select and click on the Manage Scan to Machine option from the Scan menu in the Printer Assistant app.
  • Enable the Computer Scan option and start Computer Scan automatically when I log in to the Windows tab.
  • By scanning from HP Envy 4520 to the above steps on your laptop, you can scan from your printer to your laptop.

HP Envy 4520 Scanner Not Working

  • First, restart your printer HP Envy 4520 and try scanning.
  • Check whether the network is activated; if it is not, reinstall and reinstall printer software to restore the network.
  • Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool and click Fix scanning problems from the provided options.
  • Disable the power link of the printer by removing both the printer and the wall outlet from the power cable, while the printer is powered.
  • This method is called resetting the printer to solve the scanning issue and work on scanning from HP Envy 4520.

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