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by stacy

How to set up Scan to Email for Office 365?

If you want to set up Office 365 for Scan to Email, you should help with this knowledge base article. These instructions are generalized as configuration options can vary.

Method 1: Use of SMTP Server Office 365

Here we are using: https:/technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn554323(v=exchg.150).

The following are the three requirements:

Server SMTP

You must set the SMTP server of the printer to smtp.office365.com.

Email account Account

Set an email address from your domain; you need a valid mailbox account to authenticate to O365 (e.g. info@yourdomain.com).


You must enable and use SSL / TLS on your computer.

Method 2: Use the SMTP server with SendGrid

  • Sign up here for SendGrid. If you don’t send many e-mails, there is a free alternative.
  • When SendGrid is set up, you only need to configure the printer with the following file, username and password.

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