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by stacy

How to send email from hp printers through Gmail

There’s a feature called ‘Send to Email’ on our HP Printer. You can scan and send a document to your email. What a fundamental innovation of the 21st century! But I find it difficult to set it up — and its success has seemed to come at the cost of my email protection. I need to toggle on ‘Allow less secure app’ to make it work in my Gmail account environment!

About this, I had mixed feelings. Why is it so difficult to execute such a simple functionality? But it gives me some kind of confidence as well. Even though it has my password, you can prevent third-party tool from sending emails on my behalf.

First, I followed the HP Printer command, which brought me to a web portal. (The web port URL appears on the printer screen, but if your printer does not, you can find the URL by printing the configuration page of the printer)

I was on Chrome, but it warned me a big ‘insecure’ when I tried to log into a page requiring administrative access. So I moved to Safari and it went well.

A segment called Email to Print is included in the web portal.

Send HP Printer to Email Setup

What could you put in SMTP and SMTP servers? Under this Google Article , three options exist:

G Suite SMTP relay service — Send emails from your company with IP addresses authentication. You can send messages within or outside your domain to anyone.

Gmail SMTP Server — Send mail to anyone within your domain or outside. You have to authenticate your Gmail or G Suite account and password with this option.

Gmail SMTP Server Limited — Send messages to users of Gmail or G Suite only. You do not need to authenticate this option.

Setup of Gmail SMTP

I tried the SMTP approach recommended, but it failed. I was told that my username / password credentials were incorrect when I did a test run.

What worked for me was the following:

Server for SMTP: smtp.gmail.com

  • Port: 25 Port.
  • My personal Gmail username and authorization password
  • This is, however, one important final catch. When I did a test, the email wasn’t sent, and Gmail sent me an alert to security: review blocked sign-in attempt.

Review blocked attempt to sign in

To allow the e-mail to pass, I must activate ‘Allow less secure applications’ in my Gmail account configuration.

  • Switch on ‘Allow less secure applications’ in Gmail
  • Finally, I got my printer ‘s email!

My first email from HP Printer via Gmail

Your customer support is excellent! You found out that the less stable app could be the only way to do this with Gmail.

In a second note, HP Sending to email may not function for Gmail if your gmail account is verified in two stages (which means requesting a verification code from your phone / other email when you connect to a new device)

Finally I decided to turn the Send to Email feature off. I’m a bit worried to allow my account to have less secure app access. It can put phishing and other security vulnerabilities on my account.

Should security be at the expense of convenience? Is my fear overrated for security concerns?

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