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Setting Up Your Scanner to Send Email

Many of the new scanners allow you to directly scan the email without an connection to a computer. This is fantastic news for offices who have to scan documents and email them without needing to connect a computer. In this way, your scanner typically needs to connect to an SMTP server in order to send an email.

Mailbox services such as Google Apps, Office365 and others may not have the organisation’s advanced and powerful SMTP capabilities to send messages by other scanners. When only SMTP services do not need TLS / SSL are supported by your scanner, SocketLabs On-Demand SMTP relay servers are the perfect solution.

In general, you need to insert 3 pieces of information into your scanner: SMTP server address, SMTP user name, and SMTP password. In order to obtain your credentials, register for a free on-demand SocketLabs account. This gives you access to your scanner’s cloud-based SMTP server for e-mail delivery.

You can login and access your server after your SocketLabs account has been created. You can get your SMTP credentials from the configuration menu, which you can insert into your scanner.

Your scanner should be able to send email once it is set up. You will also have the benefit of logging into the SocketLabs Control Panel to see updates on the e-mail created by your scanner.

If you have issues, your Internet Service Provider could block port 25 on your Internet connection. Port 25 is used for the sending of emails to SMTP servers and many service providers block this port in order not to send a spam by malicious software. The solution is to use another port, for example 2525, which SocketLabs supports to send emails.

SocketLabs will whitelist your external IP as an alternative access way for your server if you have an older scanner that does not support SMTP authentication with a username and a password. To do this, just email our support team at support@socketlabs.com and inform them of your account or server ID and the IP address to add for your server’s whitelist. Note: IP whitelisting is available only in Tin or above service plans.

If you still have problems with email delivery, please let us help. I ‘m sure one of our experts will be happy to help you flow your email. This is what we do! This is what we do! Just call us or email us.

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