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Scanned Email – Before We Get Into The Topic, let’s Learn Some Basics Of This Topic

How to Send Scanned Documents?

Electronic documents are becoming more popular among businesses and organizations, as they offer various advantages over printed documents. Many companies also convert existing paper document archives to electronic format. This makes it easier to find, store, and audit information while also ensuring the security of documents. Scanning is used to digitize papers, and it is occasionally necessary to communicate these formats to other persons.

Scanned Email

You have numerous options for sending pre-scanned documents:

  • Send documents in encrypted form via Internet services;
  • attachments in the form of images or files to the email
  • send a PDF document as an attachment to an email

Different transmitting techniques indicate varying degrees of data security. If this is sensitive company information or your personal information, choose the safest option.

How to send Scanned Documents?

DigiSigner is a website that allows you to send and sign electronic documents. You may distribute scanned documents without fear of anyone gaining access to your information. Advanced encryption and data protection are provided by the service.

Log in to the service with your email address and create a password to get the prepared file. After then, the primary page – your account – will appear. If the document is on your device, use the Upload button to upload it, or If the document is stored in Google Drive or Dropbox, it can be retrieved from the cloud.

The selected file will display in your account’s list. In the window that displays, click opposite Send for signature and enter the recipient’s email address. You can also include a note in your letter.

Documents will be saved when they have been sent to the main page. You have the option of deleting or downloading them at any moment. You can sign a certified electronic copy immediately in the service if you need to submit one.

To do so, click opposite the Sign button before sending. Go to the section on the new page where you’ll need to fill in the requisites. Select the signature format by clicking the left mouse button. It will be impossible to remove your signature after hitting the Done button, and you will be able to deliver a signed and protected document.

How to Send Scanned Document with Email?

Attaching scanned documents to a letter is a less secure but still cost-effective way to distribute them. This is why:

  1. make a scan of the document you’re going to send;
  2. start your email program;
  3. a new letter should be written;
  4. insert the recipient’s address;
  5. please click On the device, attach files, and select ready-to-scan scans;
  6. Submit the form.

The receiver will be able to see the documents as photos or attached files for download and will be able to save them on their device.

How to Protect Scanned Files?

When scanning directly, another alternative is to use the PDF format. This will allow you to somewhat improve the security of sending emails via ordinary email. In most cases, the form can be selected in the program given by the maker of your scanning equipment.

After producing a PDF document according to the scanner manufacturer’s instructions, open the file. To encrypt a password, go to Tools – Encryption – Password Encryption. Select the Set password field from the drop-down menu. Consider what combination you’ll need to open and edit a document.

As explained above, you can now send a PDF file including scanned documents through email. Give the receiver a password that they can use to open the document securely.

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