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Email encryption in transit

by stacy

In order to offer better encryption in transit, S/MIME is employed. S/MIME also automatically encrypts your outgoing emails if it is possible.

It is important to note that these instructions will only function if your account has S/MIME enabled.

Check if a message you’re sending is encrypted

Start putting together a message.

Fill out the “To” field with the names of your recipients.

To the right of your message’s recipients, you’ll see a lock icon, which indicates the level of encryption that is supported by the recipients of your message. If there are many users with different encryption levels, the icon will display the encryption level with the lowest encryption level.

To make changes to your S/MIME settings or discover more about the level of encryption used by your receiver, click the lock and then View details.

Check to see if a communication you have received has been encrypted.

Check if a message you received is encrypted

Send a message to someone.

On an Android device, you can do the following: Then select View details from the menu. View the security information.

On an iPhone or iPad, select View details from the drop-down menu.

You’ll notice a coloured lock icon next to the message, which indicates the level of encryption that was used to send it.

What the encryption icons mean

When you’re sending or receiving messages, you’ll be able to view the level of encryption that a communication is using. The colour of the icon will change depending on the amount of encryption being used at the time.

Green (encryption with S/MIME enhancements) Encryption is enabled. Your most sensitive information will be kept safe in our secure environment. In the event that we hold the recipient’s public key, S/MIME encrypts all outgoing communications. This communication can only be decrypted by the recipient who has been provided with the associated private key.

Gray is a neutral colour (TLS – standard encryption) Encryption using the TLS standard. Suitable for the majority of communications. TLS (Transport Layer Security) is used to encrypt messages sent to and received from other email systems that do not implement the S/MIME standard.

A word of caution: TLS support is not guaranteed. Previous correspondence with the email service provides inferences about support.

Red is a colour that can be used to describe something (no encryption) There is no encryption. Unencrypted email is not a secure method of communication. Past communications sent to the recipient’s domain are examined to determine whether or not the message you’re sending will be reliably encrypted in its future transmission.

I see the red lock icon

If you’re writing a message and you notice the red lock icon, you should consider eliminating the addresses or deleting the confidential information from the message. To see which address is not encrypted, select View Details from the drop-down menu.

Please notify the sender if you get an email with a red lock icon and the communication contains particularly sensitive content. The sender will then be notified and can contact their email service provider.

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