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Secure email providers to protect your privacy in 2021

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are not the most secure email providers. None of these providers encrypt all your messages and take your privacy seriously. Many users are still shocked to find out that Google and other search engines scan emails for keywords to display more personalized ads.

These three companies won’t object if your government checks your email. Their history of data breaches is not good either.

There are many options available. Today, I’m going to share our top 10 most secure email providers that will protect your privacy. These secure email providers encrypt your messages to ensure that no third party can read them or decipher them. They all make money by selling premium plans, not ads or data.

How can one find the best secure email service? There are personal preferences, but there are also criteria I must meet. I have listed them below.

Our curated top 10 list of secure email services

The most secure email services include 2FA and end-to-end encryption. They also have a reputation that isn’t prone to security breaches.

These services are often free, but they can be a little lacking in certain areas. Premium plans offer important features such as more storage and priority customer service. To find the right one for you, check out the descriptions of each secure email service.

1. ProtonMail: The best price-to-privacy ratio

Free Version:Yes, you can store 500 MB.
Platforms:iOS, Android
Current deal:Get 20% off your yearly subscription

ProtonMail was founded in 2013 by CERN scientists from privacy-friendly Switzerland. It has been arguably the most trusted and popular secure email provider.

The open-source service follows a strict no-logs policy and uses end-to-end encryption. Even users can send encrypted messages to others who don’t have ProtonMail. Their servers are kept deep below the ground in a nuclear bunker.

ProtonMail does not have a desktop client and instead uses a Web-based client which works with all major browsers. Although it feels outdated and clunky after years of using Gmail, you can quickly get used to the interface. Mobile apps can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

Smartphone apps are much more modern and user-friendly than previous versions. Mobile apps are less flexible than usual. However, we loved Combined contacts which allows you to auto-complete your email addresses from other accounts.

ProtonMail’s Plus plan gives you 5GB storage along with 5 email addresses and your domain support. The $24/month Visionary plan includes 20 GB, 50 email addresses, multi-user support, and ProtonVPN. It may also include the ProtonDrive storage solution.

You can also get a free version, but this only allows for 500MB storage and 150 messages per daily. Customer support will also be limited.

This secure email is great if you don’t consider ProtonMail’s downsides to being a show-stopper and don’t mind having any backup in the event you forget your password. It’s private and secure (though they did reveal the IP address of a French activist after being asked by Swiss authorities. This is something you can resolve with a VPN! Every day, new features are added to this mix.


  • No-logs policy
  • Send encrypted messages to anyone
  • CSV contact import
  • Emails that self-destruct
  • Over 20 account languages
  • If you are a suspect in a crime, your IP may be logged


  • Feels outdated for Web client
  • POP3 is not supported
  • If you are a suspect in a crime, your IP may be logged

2. Startmail – Best email for desktop-only users

Free Version:No
Platforms:Only on the Internet
Storage:10 GB
Current deal:Start mail, Now 40% off!

Start mail may sound unfamiliar to you, but you may have heard about their other project, startpage.com. It is a search engine that does not track your data. Start mail takes the same core values and applies them here.

This means that Startmail is the most secure email service. grates PGP so that you can securely communicate with other users who have PGP setups. PGP can only be implemented server-side. This means that it is not an end-to-end setup like other providers will boast about. You can also add two-factor authentication so that your email remains secure even if your password is stolen.

It seamlessly integrates burner emails into its operation. This is a significant advantage. It’s easy to add additional aliases when you register somewhere or need a quick throwaway. This works well if you are creating an email solely for Craigslist selling.

Although StartMail does not offer a mobile app, the website is responsive and works well with all devices. You can also access your emails via your regular service with full SMTP and IMAP support. This mailbox is not available for purchase, but you get a 7-day free trial that includes all of the platform’s main features.


  • Supports PGP
  • Can add multiple aliases
  • Support for IMAP/SMTP
  • 10GB encrypted cloud storage


  • Encryption doesn’t have to be done end-to-end
  • Limited trial version
  • What features should you look for in your secure mail service?

3. Tutanota: Secure email for all devices

Free Version:Yes, 1GB
Platforms:Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Storage:1-10 GB

An open-source and secure mail service provider that has more than 2 million clients. Let’s find out why they chose Tutanota over other services. We can already see that if the Tutanota service wasn’t available on GitHub under GPL v3 license these numbers would be much smaller.

Tutanota uses AES, RSA, and PGP encryption to start. Both algorithms are the same, but Tutanota uses strong>AES and RSA instead of PGP encryption. The latter adds a layer of security by combining symmetrical and asymmetric keys. Tutanota encrypts both the sender and recipient names as well as the subject line. Two-factor authentication can be used. Users have the option to choose TOTP (authenticator app) or U2F(YubiKey).

This secure email service is serious about privacy. Email addresses and emails are removed from the heading metadata to protect your privacy. Titan’s impeccable reputation is also affected by the strict no-logs policy. However, Germany is part of the Fourteen Eyes intelligence coalition.

Tutanota offers a web application, as well as Windows and macOS apps. They are free of ads and simple to use, with the encrypted calendar. You can also easily sync between them.

You get custom domains, 1GB storage, 5 aliases, and email support for a mere buck per month. You can increase your storage to 10 GB by adding a dollar. This is almost twice the cost of Hushmail subscribers.

Tutanota’s business plan is similar to the non-business plan. You can add Pro for 8.5$/month and get a custom domain login and logos. Contact forms are also available. You can also purchase extra storage (10GB) for $2.36/month, email addresses (20for $1.18/month), as well as features like the white label. Tutanota can be very affordable, but it can quickly become more expensive if you add additional features.

The free version includes 1GB storage, a calendar, and one user. It will not offer any customer support.


  • Cheap
  • No-logs policy
  • Spam filter
  • 20+ supported languages
  • Encrypted calendar


  • Fourteen Eyes Country
  • IMAP and PGP are not supported
  • Expensive extra storage

4. Zoho Mail is part of the best B2B security products suite

Free Version:Yes, 5GB
Platforms:iOS, Android
Storage:5 GB

Zoho Mail isn’t often ranked among the top secure email services. This has nothing to do with its quality. This provider is simply preferred by business clients. It’s also great for individuals, so we added it to our list.

Zoho provides a variety of IT solutions including a password manager. This makes Zoho’s Mail work best when it is combined with other products. This service also includes secure data centers which can only be accessed by biometric authentication. There’s spam protection and end-to-end encryption.

This secure email supports 2FA to increase account security. Zoho users can access the OTP, QR code, or Touch ID authentication app. OAuth 2.0 allows you to access your mailbox through other apps. Zoho Mail can be used as a Web application or an App for your smartphone. It can also be configured on third-party mail clients. It is easy to use and pleasing to the eye, which is crucial if you plan on using your secure email every day.

You get IMAP/POP client apps, 250 MB of attachments, multiple domains, and more for a dollar a month. Mail Premium is $4 per month for power users. This allows them to store 50GB, send 1GB of attachments, and Whitelabel. You can also get a 15-day trial.

Zoho’s Free Version might be worth a look. It does offer 5GB storage but the attachment size is ten-fold smaller than what you get from the cheapest plan. You can also use the web application to check your mail from mobile.

For a dollar a month, however, you can get the apps and other POP clients, a ten-fold larger attachment size, and multiple domains. Mail Premium is $4/month for power users. It allows you to store 50GB, send 1GB of attachments, and Whitelabel. You can also get a 15-day trial.


  • Sleek design
  • Import POP/IMAP
  • A generous free version
  • Physically secure servers
  • Malware protection


  • Aimed at B2B clients
  • Some data centers can be found in the USA and China

5. Thexyz – A great suite of features

Free Version:No
Platforms:iOS, Android
Storage:25 GB

Thexyz, a Canadian private email service, is not well-known. They boast that approximately 40K accounts have been created since the launch. It’s not a huge number, but it does not mean it’s poor service.

It could be the best option if you are looking for a private mailbox. They don’t charge any fees and are focused on protecting your email. You will not receive spam from them because they have numerous filters. You can see a chart on their website that shows how many threats have been blocked by sender monitoring systems and analysis tools like Cloudmark and Message Sniffer. This chart also shows that they have filters that reduce spam messages.

One reason for concern is the fact that they use mainly US-based data centers. There are also several European data centers. The website lists major locations such as Sydney, Montreal, London, and Montreal. Five Eye is a must-see. You should be very careful if you are sensitive to privacy.

There are many security measures to counteract its location drawbacks. Each email supports all encrypted ports to email exchanges. Every sent mail won’t show your IP address. If you need more security, you can configure addons such as Mailvelope to support IMAP and POP end-to-end encryption. To ensure that email content is not altered or intercepted while in transit, SSL/TLS is the only protection measure. Two-factor authentication can also be used to protect the login.

Let’s say you are interested in the service but don’t want to have to deal with tedious data moving between two different mailboxes. There is an easy migration tool for this situation. It works with Office 365 and Gmail. It also applies to messages that you send, as well as to contacts, calendars, and notes. It’s an email service that is fully functional and has many useful features that can be used in a business setting.

There is a major drawback to the service: it is only available for a fee and there is no free version. The service has 25GB total storage and a 50MB limit for attachments. Prices start at $2.95 per month, but you can choose to add more storage depending on your requirements.


  • Multiple spam filters
  • Support for IMAP, POP, and OpenPGP
  • GMigrations Tools
  • Capacity for 50 MB attachments
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Apps for iOS and Android


  • Five Eyes is a five-eyes-based
  • Paid-only

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