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How to send fax online? (from Gmail, Google Drive, PC, Mobile…)

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The ability to transmit faxes online is available in a variety of formats, and you may quickly send faxes online using your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can send faxes from Gmail (or from any other email server or client), from Google Drive, from Google Docs, and from Google Sheets, as well as from your Windows PC, Mac (including Apple’s productivity apps such as Pages and Numbers), send PDF to fax, send fax from Microsoft Word, as well as from your enterprise software, all of which can be accomplished through the use of an online fax service provider.

FAX.PLUS, the top-ranked online fax service, allows customers to send a fax online for free from a variety of platforms and devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. So, sign up with FAX.PLUS using your Google account, Facebook account, or email address, you’ll be able to transmit faxes online for free in minutes.

How to send a fax from the computer?

If you are sending faxes from your Windows PC or laptop, follow the steps outlined below to send your fax as soon as possible:

Register for a free FAX.PLUS account or sign in to your existing account (No credit card needed)
Navigate to the area labeled “Send Fax.”
In the To area, type in the fax number of the person who will be receiving the document (s)
To fax documents from your computer, click on the Add File button and choose the papers you wish to fax.
When you press the Send button, your fax will be sent out immediately.
It is possible to include an optional fax cover sheet, schedule your fax to be sent at a later time, and a variety of other options.

How to send fax online from mobile? (iOS and Android)

FAX.PLUS Android application and FAX.PLUS website You can fax documents directly from your iOS device or tablet using an iOS app. All you have to do is download the fax app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, log into your account, and navigate to the Send Fax area. The rest is up to you.

More information may be found at How to Send Free Fax From iPhone.

How to send fax online from Gmail (Send fax from email)

Email to fax is one of the most convenient and time-saving methods of sending faxes over the internet. If you want to send a fax from your Gmail account for free, follow these instructions:

Sign up for FAX.PLUS using your Google account by visiting this link (Click on the Google button to sign up with Google)
Click on the Compose button to begin a new email in your Gmail account after logging into your account.
Then, in the To field, type the recipient’s fax number followed by @fax.plus (for example, +16692001010@fax.plus).
Attach the document you want to fax from your Gmail account.
As soon as you send your email, the fax transmission will be initiated immediately.
If you want to create an optional cover sheet, you can do so in the body of your email, and you can use the topic of your email as a Note.

How to send fax online from Google Drive (Google Docs and Google Sheets)

Google fax is a function that allows you to send faxes from a variety of Google apps and services, including Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets, to a single destination. This Google integration is an excellent alternative for people who keep their documents and spreadsheets on Google Drive and who are seeking a means to fax such documents and spreadsheets directly from the Google Docs and Google Sheets apps. To begin integrating FAX.PLUS with Google, you must first download the FAX.PLUS add-on for Google Workspace and then begin sending faxes with simplicity.

Learn more about how the Google fax feature works on different Google products by visiting the following links:

How to send fax online from Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint,…)

Consider the following: setting up a fax modem, connecting a landline phone to the modem, and sending a fax from Microsoft Word. Fortunately, we have a far more convenient answer for you: an online faxing solution. You only need to share your document, spreadsheet file, or presentation over email and then utilize the Email to Fax tool to fax your word document online once it’s ready to be sent by fax. It should be noted that this solution is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.

You can also fax your word document directly from within the Microsoft Word application using the FAX.PLUS add-in for Word. UPDATE: Simply download the add-in for free from the Microsoft Store, follow a few simple steps, and your word document will be transmitted from Word 2013, Word 2016, Word 2016 for Mac, or Word Online to the recipient’s computer. (Download the FAX.PLUS add-in for Microsoft Word.)

Learn how to fax a word document from the comfort of your own home.

How to send fax online from Mac devices

The FAX.PLUS online app works flawlessly on Mac devices, and all you have to do is open your MacBook’s web browser, navigate to the FAX.PLUS web app, and you’ll be ready to send faxes in no time. Apple’s productivity apps such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, however, will need you to utilize the Email to Fax option if you want to send a fax from one of those apps rather than via the web. In the same way that you would send a fax from Microsoft Word, you must share your final file via Email and send a fax using the Mail program.

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