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Setup Scan To Email On HP Printer

by stacy

Setup Scan To Email On HP Printer – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

HP Printers – Scan to Email Cannot Access Email Accounts

This document is intended for HP printers that allow you to scan email from your printer control panel.

The email server will block access to your email account when you add it to the scanner feature on the printer control panels. One of the following error messages may display:

  • Gmail requires additional security measures. You can check your email security settings online.
  • It is not possible to access the email or password you have entered. Please try again.
  • The SMTP server uses an unsupported authentication method. You might try a different server.
  • SMTP Server does not support authentication.
  • You cannot resolve the SMTP Server. Discuss the DNS and SMTP server settings with your Internet Service Provider or system administrator.

Third-party apps are blocked by some email service providers like Yahoo or Google. For more information on how to allow the scan to email access to your email accounts, please contact your email service provider.

NOTE: Two-step authentication must be enabled. You will need to create an application password to enable scan to email to gain access to your email account. For more information, please contact your email provider.

  • Gmail allowing less secure apps access to your account follow the instructions on-screen (in English).
  • Yahoo: VisitYahoo Mail Security TipsFollow the instructions on-screen (in English).
  • Other email account sign in to your email account from a trusted device Follow the instructions on the screen to enable scan to email access.

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