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Ten reasons your construction company needs Electronic Signatures

by stacy

The successful operation of a construction company in today’s market requires more than just trust; it requires agreement. Only when expectations are laid out in black and white can they be fulfilled.

There is a tremendous window of opportunity to take advantage of the rise in the global construction industry, which is projected to be worth $10,500,000,000,000,000 by the year 2023.

The use of electronic signatures will enable you to make the most of every chance to build your firm.

Signeasy will walk you through the top ten reasons why electronic signatures are becoming increasingly important in the construction business.

It doesn’t matter if you run your own home construction company, are self-employed as a contractor, or are employed as a contracts manager for one of the world’s largest international construction companies; the fundamentals of the construction industry are always the same:

1. Establish a profitable construction company

Because the construction sector involves significant investments of capital, it is subject to a higher level of regulatory oversight than most other sectors. You need to make sure that your plan is foolproof at every level and that you have the commitment and cooperation of all the essential stakeholders.

If even a single brick is placed incorrectly, the entire project — as well as your reputation – is in danger of collapsing.

The use of electronic signatures in the construction industry is an extremely simple option that makes reevaluating and managing your workflow process much simpler.

1. Establish a profitable construction company
Having all of the necessary documentation in order is an essential part of developing a business.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can easily create RFIs, proposals, quotations, and purchase orders.

You are able to eliminate any of the potential disputes, gaps, or ambiguities that could produce needless costs for your construction work further down the line by completing your Request for Information (RFI) forms digitally before you put forward your offer.

Using Electronic Signatures Is Necessary for Your Construction Company for These 10 Reasons

If you already have templates for your proposals, quotations, and purchase orders, you can upload them into your Signeasy dashboard and share them with your prospective customers so that they may be signed right away. This will allow you to get the most out of your existing business relationships.

You should first negotiate the pricing, and then immediately adjust any specific specifics that need to be changed on the Signeasy system so that you may submit a quote or proposal at that very moment.

Additionally, the Signeasy system has a friendly automated reminder that will send an email to folks to ensure that they sign in a timely manner. This means that you won’t have to worry about following up with people because Signeasy will do it for you!

You will be alerted through email as soon as your paperwork have been signed, at which point you will be able to concentrate on the business of delivering the products and services.

2. Maximize the use of resources

Reduce the costs of administration while simultaneously improving efficiency!

Do you typically feel that having your papers in order consumes a significant amount of your time?

Faxing and being faxed, scanning and uploading documents, circulating copies of said documents via email, filing said papers, and maintaining their physical storage?

We are confident that switching to Signeasy will result in time savings and an increase in productivity for your business.

You might discover that you no longer need further administrative support, or you might simply find that you save a lot of time at the office by not having to perform the paperwork that you are accustomed to handling on your own.

Imagine a world in which everyone was responsible for their own paperwork and it was uncomplicated and time-saving.
It is also possible to make changes and amendments to orders that have been placed during the course of the project without having to rummage through the filing cabinet in your workplace.

“At this time, we are in need of construction managers and superintendents who are out in the field. These individuals perform walk throughs for customers, sign off on warranty documents, home designs, and Building Specifications, among other things. When comparing prices, we discovered that DocuSign was more expensive than Signeasy. Signeasy is a helpful tool for building superintendents. The majority of them do so on iPad, while only a few of them do so on iPhone. — Pete Guzman, WMRyan Homes

3. Spend less cash (and the trees)

The cost of paper is high.

The Statistic Brain Research Institute estimates that the typical office worker produces approximately 10,000 copies of paper each year, the majority of which will undoubtedly require a signature at some point.

Have you taken notice of the fact that you constantly need duplicate copies of documents that need to be signed?

Think about the workflow in your business and take into account the complete life cycle of paper, from receiving it at the office to storing it, scanning it, printing it, copying it, and finally throwing it away.

When it comes to the amount of money spent, all of these seemingly insignificant aspects of running a paper-based firm add up quickly.

Even electronic fax solutions only eliminate one side of the paper problem because traditional fax machines are typically still used to send and receive the faxes.

Eliminating the need for paper is the solution. You will not only save money but also contribute to the preservation of the forest.
Using Electronic Signatures Is Necessary for Your Construction Company for These 10 Reasons

4. Maintain your mobile construction company while on the go.

This one is a favourite of ours: it doesn’t matter where you are because you can sign while you’re on the move!

You ask, “How,” don’t you?

Downloading the Signeasy mobile app onto your smartphone or tablet is all it takes to have the dashboard at your fingertips at all times, regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android device.

You are now able to carry literally files upon files of contracts with you at all times in the convenience of your pocket or bag, saving your back and preventing headaches.

Using Electronic Signatures Is Necessary for Your Construction Company for These 10 Reasons

You won’t even need to take off your hard hat because you may email the necessary documentation to be signed right there on the job site.
Sharing your templates with folks who need to sign on the all-important dotted line is made exceedingly simple by the user-friendly software that is provided by Signeasy, making the process a breeze.

5. Ensure that all construction agreements and contracts are completed in person.

You need to make it simple for your customers to give you their approval.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a potential customer tell you that they would consider your price and get back to you, only for you to find out a few days later that they chose another company solely due to the fact that the other company was able to get the paperwork out faster.

Even if you are not connected to the internet, Signeasy enables you to sign documents yourself and gather signatures in person from other people.
Put yourself in the position of a potential customer of your business.

Would the following make you more or less likely to sign off on a quote:

a) you are handed stacks of paper to sign, which are then sent to you in the mail many days later; or

b) if a tablet or mobile device is provided for you to sign the document at that very moment, with all of the important details highlighted?

Using Electronic Signatures Is Necessary for Your Construction Company for These 10 Reasons

An electronic signature system is the optimal answer if you are focused on acquiring new clients. Signeasy provides a high level of professionalism and a personal touch, and it discourages procrastination, which is detrimental to the process of concluding business deals.

6. Ensure the safety of your staff and your subcontractors.

When you run your firm, do you make use of any sub-contractors?

Grab the most talented people who are currently available before your rivals do.
You and your coworkers can quickly reach an agreement on the terms and conditions of any projects by conveniently sharing all of the typical contracts and time sheets that need to be signed via electronic means.

Do you have a vacancy for new staff members within your organisation? Send the HR papers and rules through so they may be signed off on in a matter of minutes. It is straightforward to get a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or a zero-hours contract signed, depending on which one you require.

7. Get better at making purchases

Create digital purchase orders that just demand electronic signatures if you have frequent suppliers from whom you need to buy building materials. This will save you time and money. This will result in the creation of a streamlined ordering process that will assist you in keeping any time-sensitive commitments.

Using Electronic Signatures Is Necessary for Your Construction Company for These 10 Reasons

8. Provide solutions for construction on a global scale

Your construction company can be globally competitive using Signeasy, which is presently accessible in 18 languages. You can find out which languages are supported by visiting this page.

Signeasy can provide you with a Si, Yes, Ja, Haan, or Oui, depending on what you require. 9. Secure storage for your contracts.
Signeasy makes it simple for you to control, view, and archive all of your documents from a single, centralised location — and it does all of this in real time.

Examine the current state of each document. You can keep track of all of your signed documents through the Signeasy dashboard, where you can also modify the access privileges of anyone within the organisation who needs to have access to them, or you can just email them to the relevant people.

You can save the documents you download to your own personal organisational cloud file system.

If you utilise a cloud-based storage system such as Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox, then Signeasy is the perfect solution for you because it interfaces with a wide variety of third parties in a seamless manner.

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