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How to sign documents in Gmail

by stacy

To this day, everyone is still working from home and juggling their professional and personal obligations. Users want to sign and send papers without ever having to leave their Gmail inbox in order to maximise working hours. In order to sign papers in Gmail quickly, you can use an add-on that allows you to eSign documents from within the email programme itself.

Here’s how to sign a document on Gmail in five simple steps:
Signeasy’s Gmail Inbox add-on may be found here.
Make a connection between it and your email account.
Open the email that contains the attachments that must be signed.
Click on the ‘Sign’ button, which will take you to the ‘Sign Yourself’ page.
Choose whether you wish to draw, type, or upload an image for your signature to be recognised.
Finally, your paper is signed and is ready to be sent off!

Continue reading for a more in-depth explanation of how to sign a document in Gmail.

How to sign a document on Gmail in 5 easy steps:

Following is a step-by-step process to approve documents from your Gmail Inbox.
As a result of this email signature integration, we now provide over 1.5 billion active Gmail users with the ability to electronically sign crucial documents from the convenience of their preferred email app.

You can use the Gmail add-on to do the following:

A step-by-step guide to approving documents within your Gmail Inbox

Signing a paper online is something you should do for yourself.
Obtain the signatures of other people.
Additional options include directly attaching the signed file to an existing thread or downloading it from a website.

Using the G-Suite apps that users are already familiar with, users may expedite their document signing operations.

Adding the Gmail electronic signature add-on to your computer
With the Signeasy add-on, you will be able to sign documents or send them out for signatures without ever leaving Gmail. However, you must first install the Gmail electronic signature solution before proceeding. Signeasy for Gmail may be linked to your email inbox by simply following the procedures outlined below:

Installing the Gmail electronic signature add-on

To get the Signeasy Gmail Add-on, go to our listing on the Google Workspace Marketplace and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you may access the Google Workspace Marketplace directly from your Gmail inbox by clicking on the + button in the left toolbar.
The Google Workspace Marketplace is accessible from within Gmail by selecting the Plus icon. To locate us, type “Signeasy” into the search box on your computer’s desktop.
Select “Install” from the drop-down menu. A modal window will appear, requesting permissions. To proceed, click on the “Continue” button.
That’s all there is to it! The add-on has been installed, and you can quickly access it from the sidebar of your Gmail inbox, which you can see below.

How do I sign a PDF file in gmail (or Gmail attachment)

What is the best way to sign a PDF file in Gmail? (or Gmail attachment)
After logging in, the Gmail electronic signature add-on will immediately fetch the attachments (if any) in the currently open email and display them in the browser.
When you click on “Sign Yourself,” a new tab will appear with Signeasy.
When you’re finished, click on “Finish.” When you’re finished, you’ll be instantly taken to Gmail.
After Following the completion of the e-contract, you have the choice to:

Get the file by clicking here.
Attachment and Reply
Another paper must be signed.
Please give us your feedback.
What is the best way to transmit an attachment for eSignature using Gmail?
Apart from the ability to sign email attachments, you can also send the attachment back to the sender without ever having to leave Gmail. Here are the actions to take in order to accomplish this:

In addition, the add-on will automatically fetch any attachments contained within the currently open email after a user logs into the system.
When you click on “Request Signature,” a new tab will open with Signeasy. Fill out the required information and send the signature request to the appropriate party.
Once the message has been sent, you will be instantly redirected to Gmail.
Your email inbox serves as the nerve centre of our everyday activities. Signeasy has integrated the e-signature solution into Gmail in order to help you go through these emails as quickly as possible. Install the Signeasy app on your device and then Install the Signeasy for Google Workspace extension right now to start boosting your company’s productivity right away.

Why sign a document on Gmail with Signeasy?

Gmail electronic signature is one of Signeasy’s most popular add-ons – and one of a growing number of Google integrations that are helping to improve the efficiency of the online contract signing workflow. It was announced at Google Cloud Next ’19 that Signeasy’s Add-on for Google Workspace would be released to demonstrate how Google Workspace users can streamline their document signing operations, all from within the Google Workspace apps that they are already familiar with.

Our Simple eSignatures add-on works seamlessly with Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, and Drive, allowing you to reduce the time it takes to complete paperwork.
The Signeasy add-on allows you to quickly and easily add a signature, date, name, and any number of additional fields to any file attachment within Gmail, and then re-attach the signed document in a reply to the original email thread – all from the side panel of the email client.
There is no need to upload anything!
Apart from being extremely secure, legally binding and device/browser independent, it is also extremely productive and incredibly economical (as low as $8 per month) in terms of time and money.
To see the Signeasy magic in action, sign up for a free trial by clicking here.


As you can see from the examples above, utilising an electronic signature solution such as Signeasy is the ideal option for signing documents on Gmail. However, if you need further clarification on how to proceed, the following are responses to some often asked questions:

What is the best way to sign a document in an email?

Installing an eSignature app such as Signeasy and linking it to your email account is required in order to sign an online document from within your email app. In the open email message, you will see a ‘Sign’ button that will allow you to electronically sign a document. Click on ‘Sign Yourself’ and then on the necessary place of the document to have your online signature incorporated into the document. Then press the “send” button!

What is the best way to sign a PDF in Gmail?
PDFs can be signed online with a few clicks of your mouse. All you need is an electronic signature application that is linked with your email application. Once you have completed this step, simply open the email containing the PDF, click on the “Sign now” option, and then click anywhere on the PDF to add your signature. Once you have completed the process, you will be routed to your Gmail inbox.

What is the proper way to sign a Google Doc?
With Signeasy’s Gmail add-on, you can quickly and effortlessly sign Google doc files without ever having to leave your email application. Following the completion and submission of the document, you can track and send out reminders to additional signers directly from the Gmail interface.

Is it possible to sign a paper using Gmail for free?
You can sign documents from within your email app if you use an eSignature solution that integrates with your email service provider, such as Signeasy. If you wish to try it out for free, you may do so by downloading the trial version.

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