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The same Signeasy experience, now on mobile browsers!

by stacy

We at Signeasy are constantly exploring for methods to make the signing process more accessible, faster, and more streamlined – and we believe we may have exceeded ourselves this time.

What exactly is new?

Clients, partners, and colleagues no longer have to download or switch from their current browser to see a document you’ve sent them. It’s as simple as clicking on the link they receive through email, and our new mobile experience will allow them to finish and sign the document directly in the browser window on their smartphone.

In a world where distinction is critical to doing good business, this functionality gives clients and partners with a delightfully seamless experience, which is particularly welcome. With the elimination of the requirement to register for an account or have access to a computer, Signeasy has expanded mobile access to everyone, resulting in a significant reduction in document turnaround times for everyone.

What ways would this feature help me to better my workflow?

Signeasy users should be aware of the following:

Your goal is to make signing paperwork as simple as feasible for signers, because you already know that keeping paperwork as simple as possible is the key to processing paperwork as rapidly as possible. Even if your client is on the run and only has their phone in hand, you can be confident that the contract will be signed in minutes, rather than days, as long as they follow the instructions.

For those who wish to sign:

We’re not here to pitch our product; instead, we’re here to make the e-signature process as simple and frictionless as possible.

We have eliminated the need to sign up, download an app, or create an account, which saves you time and frustration. The time it takes to sign on the dotted line will be measured in seconds, so there will be no time to squander.

Is it possible to get access to this feature?

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can sign documents on the move, regardless of whether or not they have a Signeasy profile.

Please give the new and improved Signeasy for mobile browsers a try and let us know your thoughts. Please contact us at support@signeasy.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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