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Five reasons your sales team needs Electronic Signatures

by stacy

This is the year 2018. If you want to maximise the potential of your sales team while also improving overall client efficiency, electronic signatures are required.

Are you discovering that there is always a lag between the time a lead is received and the time it takes to truly secure your company by having the all-important paperwork signed?

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where your competition gets their contract in front of your potential client before you do?

Do members of your sales team grumble that they are spending far too much time on the administrative side of their jobs and not nearly enough time on lead generation and follow-up?

There is a simple solution to all of these problems: encourage your sales force to begin using electronic signatures as soon as possible.

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1. Increase efficiency

There is one statistic that illustrates the necessity for sales people to be relieved of administrative responsibilities: An analysis conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute and published by Hubspot found that sales reps spend only 39 percent of their time selling or communicating with prospects and customers!

In fact, according to HBR data, administrative tasks account for a whopping 21 percent of a salesperson’s total time.
The only approach to enhance productivity is to empower your sales team to be more productive and efficient in their work environment.

According to Inc.com, the most common reason for sales teams to fail is that they are chaotic.
When your sales staff begins using electronic signatures, you will notice a significant improvement in the overall work flow process of the organisation. Consider the implications of this.

Everything becomes digital, so you can quickly and easily communicate the proper information inside the same system without having to worry about information getting lost in the transmission process.

Electronic signatures are required by your sales team Sales Team Main Banner

Your sales and execution teams are no longer at odds with one another – whether it is between your logistics and operations teams or between your finance team.

You won’t have to rely on physical papers, which means that contracts can be delivered to the appropriate party with the press of a button very quickly.

There’s no need for fax machines, copying businesses, or printers in this situation. There is also no need for physical filing because everything is saved in your own private, secure cloud.

Electronic signatures are required for your sales team!
According to its potential to serve as a straightforward open source solution, Signeasy is the best electronic signature software available. SMEs who currently have business solutions in place but require a complementing system for digital documentation will find it to be an excellent fit for this solution.

Signeasy syncs seamlessly with all of the leading business cloud storage systems, including Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, with minimal effort.

Signeasy can also be integrated with your company’s customer relationship management system, and it includes integrations with Zoho and Gmail.

Customers come from a variety of industries, including real estate, education and healthcare; law; travel; construction; rental companies; and creative media, to mention a few. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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When you use an electronic signature solution that is centrally managed, you are practically democratising administration!

2. Make it convenient

The ability to turn around projects quickly is essential for corporate success.
Reduce the amount of time that elapses between a verbal agreement and the signing of the contract! Regardless of your business, if your sales staff isn’t able to submit the papers necessary to secure a contract in a timely manner, they are most likely missing an opportunity.

Every. Single. Minute. Counts.
Do your sales representatives travel to meet with customers? No matter how far you travel, whether it’s 15 kilometres or 15,000 kilometres, there will always be a delay in the processing of your paperwork if you’re still using paper documents.

If your salespeople are unable to sign online but still require a signature, there is no need to go back and email, post, or fax the agreement through again.

They can sign the necessary documents on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and the signatures will be saved to the actual document when they next log on.

Electronic signatures are required by your sales team Sales Team Main Banner

In the case that you are in the United States and have a possible client in China, as well as a logistics team in Guatemala, you can easily have the paperwork signed by your client remotely, as well as self-sign it yourself, and then send it to your logistics crew in Guatemala.

Furthermore, Signeasy is available in more than 22 languages, making it particularly appealing to businesses that conduct worldwide commercial transactions.

In addition to being available on both iOS and Android devices, Signeasy provides a very simple method of importing current company templates or documentation in practically any file type, including photos.

After that, you can have the papers updated and annotated as needed before it is signed, dated, and filed away for safekeeping. It’s a done deal!

“Completing and maintaining contracts with our ever-growing list of hotel partners has become a piece of cake thanks to Signeasy.” It has aided in increasing team efficiency and overall output,” says the author. Cleartrip’s Chief Marketing Officer, Subramanya Sharma, says:

In the event that an agreement must be quickly amended, what should you do? When compared to physical paperwork, which would need to be amended, reprinted, and disseminated, digital paperwork using Signeasy is considerably more efficient and time-saving (yawn).

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3. Establish legal, safe and secure documentation

The use of electronic signatures in digital paperwork is legally enforceable.

You may create a complete data trail when using IP addresses and geographic locations, as well as date and time stamps and confirmed emails, as opposed to actual documents. This is the best option if you require accountability as well as verifiable assurance.

Signeasy provides you with access to this information on a continuous basis through your dashboard. When you receive notices of confirmation of any newly signed documents that were previously available for signing, you can also use this feature.

Any papers you import are instantly converted into PDFs to provide you with even greater protection.

Electronic signatures are required by your sales team Sales Team Main Banner

Regardless of whether your material is simply being saved or is in transit to be signed, it is always encrypted, which means that even if hackers were to somehow manage to get past all of the layers of security, they would not be able to read the papers.

When compared to your old rusted padlocked filing cabinet, digital documentation is far more secure, easier to preserve and easier to retrieve. Period.
Different degrees of user access can be set up to restrict access to your Signeasy documents, which provides an additional layer of security for your sensitive data.

If you are concerned about your organization’s compliance with all of the recent personal data privacy rules, we can help with that as well! Signeasy complies with both the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the United States’ Electronic Signatures Act.

Electronic signatures are required by your sales team Sales Team Main Banner

4. Quicker invoicing

In any firm, the most prevalent cross-departmental complaint is between the sales and finance teams! What is the reason for this?

In the first place, correct reporting is critical to earning sales commissions and bonuses, and finance departments rely on precise information to invoice appropriately.

A disconnect happens at some point along the way. Even when a salesperson claims that they sold a given amount for the month, financial reporting shows that they actually sold a far higher amount.

A clerical error is frequently to blame, such as a failure by the sales team to pass on accurate data or facts, or by the finance team relying on erroneous assumptions made by the sales team.

Electronic signatures are required for your sales team!
When an invoice is not received, the salesperson is faced with the prospect of dealing with a client who is merely sitting and waiting for their goods or service because they have not paid their invoice.

It is necessary for your sales team to use electronic signatures business-aircraft-620453 1920.

Provide convenience for your financial staff while also keeping your sales personnel satisfied.

Your signed digital contracts or purchase orders may be simply transferred directly and instantly to your finance team, ensuring that they have all of the information they need to invoice your clients and that payment delays never occur on your end.

In terms of getting things started, the accounts staff is far faster. It’s highly user-friendly for our lawyers who aren’t used to working with iPads.” “They have all the documents they need on the Signeasy app — it’s very user-friendly for our lawyers who aren’t used to working with iPads.” – Go to the Court Attorneys website (GTC)

5. Improve your profit margin

All of the reasons listed above will easily increase your profit margin, but there is one additional compelling incentive for your sales force to adopt electronic signatures: their affordability.

Electronic signatures are required by your sales team. Sales Team wallet

When compared to the administrative and maintenance costs of physical paperwork, which include the costs of purchasing, storing, and distributing all of your material, electronic signatures are a far more cost-effective option.

It goes without saying that Signeasy is the most cost-effective electronic signature solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Don’t just take our word for it; check out these independent reviews as well!

You may believe that using electronic signatures in your office will be a significant problem, but you would be amazed at how simple it truly is.

One of the most significant advantages of Signeasy is that it is not overly complicated in terms of its capabilities — the tool and apps are straightforward to use, allowing even the least technically savvy member of your team to complete their tasks with ease.

Troy Erstling, Head of Sales and Business Development at Signeasy, is well aware of the significant benefits that Signeasy can provide to sales teams across a broad range of sectors.

There are a number of organisations that run after their customers to get their signatures, and their customers take an eternity simply because printing, signing, and scanning are time-consuming tasks that fall to the bottom of their to-do list.” Their customers save time when they have a choice, which saves time for them, which in turn saves you time. “Improving yourself by improving the lives of others.”

If those five reasons aren’t enough, we’ve got an extra reason from Jeff Skipper of Jeff Skipper Consultancy to add to the list:

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