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Signature Scanner: Your Phone Camera Just Became a Scanner

by stacy

There’s something innately empowering about gripping a pen and seeing your signature come to life on the page. In the end, you will have a wet ink fingerprint, which will be a symbol that is completely unique to you. While the stylus-and-screen combination has brought us closer than ever to the actual thing, Signeasy’s mission of honouring and refining your own trademark is an unending pursuit for the company.

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our electronic signature solution, we recently launched an initiative to promote an even higher sense of confidence and authenticity with each document and transaction that is signed and returned to the sender. Prepare to get your signature scanned.

What exactly is new?

You may now scan your handwritten signature using the camera on your phone and save it to your Signeasy account for future use! You can make your electronic signature by simply drawing your signature on a blank sheet of paper, scanning it with the in-app camera, and saving it. Your scan will be automatically synced to your web and desktop accounts as soon as it is uploaded, allowing you to begin using your new electronic signature on all of your devices as soon as possible. The scan will have a translucent background, allowing you to insert the image into any document without difficulty.

Along with making your document processing workflows more efficient, we are always aiming to create an eSignature solution that faithfully replicates the wet ink signing process as closely as possible. We want our users to be able to send off papers that are slick and professional in appearance – documents that they are proud to send off.

Cool! So, how exactly does signature scanning function?

You can complete the process quickly and easily if you’re ready to move your signed documents to the next step.

Find a blank sheet of paper and inscribe your name on it in the most regal manner you can muster.

Launch the Signeasy iOS application.

Select “Signature & Initials” from the drop-down menu.

Select “Scan Signature” from the drop-down menu under “Add Signature.”

Scan the signed sheet of paper with the in-app scanner while ensuring that ideal lighting conditions are met*

Scan your signature for accuracy.

As soon as you are satisfied with your scan, you can save it to your account. The signature will instantly sync between devices, allowing you to begin using it as your primary signature on any device, including desktop, mobile, and beyond, right away. If your copier is equipped with this feature, you could potentially scan documents and send them over email.

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