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Introducing a Faster, Simpler & more Powerful Signing Experience in the Signeasy Android app

by stacy

In order to serve our millions of users around the world with the fastest and most seamless manner to sign their documents on the go, we have been working very hard to make this happen. We are releasing our revised Android app (version 3.5.3) today, which will give you with a more seamless signing experience on your Android devices. Download the software here. Throughout the process of developing user experiences, we have always placed our users first by performing usability studies with real users in order to give you with the greatest experience possible on our Android application. Allow me to take you on a tour of some of our new features:

Resizing your signature, initials and text

We conducted a detailed investigation into how new users interacted with our Android application, which provided us with some really fascinating insights on the app’s user interface (UX). As a result of discovering that users are accustomed to dragging to resize an annotation on a document, we considered altering how you re-size your signature, initials, and text on our Android application in order to make the editing experience far more intuitive.

removing previously inserted annotations
Previously, users were unable to remove previously inserted annotations from their document before finalising it, which resulted in them having to repeat the signing procedure over from the beginning if they accidentally made a mistake. Users can now resize any annotations while they are in the editing mode of our updated app, thanks to our recent upgrade.

removing previously inserted annotations

Changing the orientation of a document
A large number of documents of various types are imported and signed on a regular basis through our Android application. Some users have reported receiving documents that have not been correctly rotated or orientated. You never know how a document will be delivered to you, so be prepared for anything. Because of the continual feedback we receive from our users all around the world, we have introduced this option for you, allowing you to simply rotate the page with a single click. To access the rotate option in the document editing screen, simply tap on the document in the document editing screen.


You can quickly navigate between pages.
When developing an application with a content-driven information structure, it should come as no surprise that easy navigation is a critical component of the user experience. Users can move through an e-book, for example, by navigating from one page to the next or by selecting a page from the table of contents and reading it. A user can easily navigate between pages with a left and right swipe, or they can press on the page thumbnails to jump to any page of a document in our most recent update, which is available now. This will save you a significant amount of time if you’re trying to sign a ten-page paper while on the road.


To zoom, pinch the screen.
In today’s smartphone world, there is no more recognisable multi-touch gesture than the pinch-to-zoom motion, and we are providing our users with the same amazing experience with our most recent version. In 2007, Steve Jobs stood on stage to discuss the advantages of Apple’s then-new iPhone touchscreen (video), which worked’magically’ because of its pinch-to-zoom multi touch function.


Every few weeks, we update our Android application to ensure that it continues to function optimally for you. A number of exciting new features are in the works, and we are looking forward to bringing them to you in the near future. Please consider becoming a member of our large community of beta-testers by clicking on this link on your mobile device, and you will receive early access to our new features. Please feel free to leave a remark on this page or send an email to support@signeasy.com with your thoughts and recommendations.

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