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Sky Hub Internet Light Flashing Orange

by stacy

You may have wondered what the blinking and solid lights on your router mean. These lights aren’t there to be decorative. They are actually there to help us if we have issues with our internet connection and tell us if everything is in order. Sky Hub’s internet light flashing in orange is an example of this.

So, let’s see what it means and what we can do to fix it.

Why is my Sky Hub Internet light flashing orange?

Sky Hub Internet Light Flashing Orange

Sky claims that when the Power Light is white and the Internet light is flashing orange (amber), it signifies that Sky Hub has detected the broadband link and is starting to connect. Once the connection stabilizes, the Internet light will turn white. This shouldn’t last longer than 2 minutes.

But if the internet lights continue to flash orange it is a sure sign our Sky Hub is having a problem. problems establishing internet connectionThis can lead to slow internet or no connection at all.

How do you fix the Sky Hub Internet light blinking orange?

Before you rush to contact Tech support, you should first check these things on your own. These will hopefully help you solve the problem. And, let’s be real, it feels amazing when you do it.

Check your connection

This is one method to solve the problem. Sky provides a page which can quickly test your connection, and report any problems. Sign in using your Sky ID. They will check your connection and configures, and then give you step-by-step information to help you solve the problem.

Be patient

This issue can sometimes be resolved by itself in some cases. Sky Hub’s Internet light flashing orange most often indicates a service outage in the area. Your Sky Hub may experience a low signal strength or no signal, which could cause the internet light to flash orange.

You can check the Sky Service Status page for information and sign in to determine if there is any maintenance going on. You will be notified about any scheduled maintenance happening in your area.

The Sky Hub can be powered on and off

Just press the reset button at the back of the Sky Hub (don’t hold it) and the Sky Hub will reboot. This will reboot the outer, but all settings will be preserved. Wait for it to boot up and then all lights will stabilize. The flashing orange light should turn white. You can move on to the next stage if the blinking orange light continues to flash after restarting Sky hub.

Make sure to check the Connections

Checking the connections won’t take much time but can fix the problem. A loose connector or a damaged cable can cause a problem since the Sky Hub internet light blinks orange when it can’t connect to the internet. Make sure that everything is connected securely and that there are no visible damages to the cables.

Reset your Sky Hub back to factory settings

You can reset your Sky Hub to factory settings by pressing and holding the reset button on the router’s back for approximately 10 seconds. After this time, the Sky Hub’s led lights should turn off and then come back on. Allow the Sky Hub to restart completely. The led lights will then turn solid again. This can take a while (approximately 5 min), so be patient.

Factory resets are not ideal because any changes made to your WiFi name or password previously will be lost. You will need to either set them up again, or change them if you choose.

Last Thoughts

We hope this article has helped you to solve your Sky Hub Internet light flashing orange issue. You can contact tech support if the Internet light on the Sky Hub continues to flash. You can have them send someone to your home or remotely troubleshoot your connection issues.

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