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Calling all Slack users: how to use Signeasy for Slack

by stacy

If you have access to a functional internet connection, you have probably already heard the news that another industry giant, Salesforce, is in the process of acquiring Slack. They are the definition of a power couple.

Ever since the news broke, we have been thinking a great deal about Slack. In spite of the fact that we do not currently have an official interface in place with them, it is entirely feasible to use Signeasy in conjunction with Slack. On the other hand, we do integrate with Microsoft Teams. For those of you who use one or both platforms, here is how to proceed.

1. Make a Zap with Zapier. This is the first hack.

When it first appeared on the software market, this data automation application caused quite a commotion all around the world. The purpose of Zapier is to bring together all of your processes and tasks by leveraging the power of automation. It does this by enabling users to construct instructions, which Zapier refers to as “zaps,” that trigger certain actions when a particular input is provided.

If you want to get started with integrating Signeasy and Slack using Zapier, you can do so by going to this integration page. To send newly signed papers from Signeasy to Slack channels, go ahead and select the first option from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot taken on December 8, 2020 at 1:51:22 PM

You will be invited to sign into your Slack and Signeasy accounts, and once that step has been done, you will be able to select the Slack channel in which you would like the signed papers to be placed. After you have made your choice, proceed to the bottom right corner of the screen and click the button labelled “turn on zap.”

Slack 2

As soon as your zap is operational, Zapier will upload all of your recently signed papers to the Slack channel of your choosing. This is how it will seem when you are logged into Slack:

001 3

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg: here’s a more extensive glimpse of the tasks that Zapier can accomplish between these two powerhouse platforms. [Citation needed] Visit the dedicated integration page for more information and a comprehensive rundown of all you can accomplish by combining Signeasy and Slack.

Slack 4

Use the Signeasy API as the second hack.

By utilising the Signeasy API, you will be able to link your document signing operations with third-party applications such as Slack in a streamlined manner (in addition to your own apps and websites). Getting started with your very own Slack integration has never been simpler because to our extensive documentation and user-friendliness, which is unparalleled in the industry.

A few examples of what you are capable of doing are as follows:

Embedded signature allows users to sign documents over Slack.
Thanks to Slack’s inherent sending functionality, you may sign documents or send them to be signed using Slack.
Utilizing merge fields, one can pre-fill papers with individualised data prior to sending them out for signature.
Through the use of webhooks, you can get updates on any modifications that have been made to your signature requests.

You’ll find a comprehensive walkthrough of the Signeasy API right here, along with explanations of each step.

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