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SMC Router Login: A Simple Way To Manage Your WiFi

by stacy

By knowing how to log in to an SMC router, you can manage your home network. The web-based graphical interface of the router makes it simple to control the network. All of the settings are well organised so you won’t have any trouble locating what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s probably best to delegate the task to someone who is, or generate a backup of the current SMC router settings after you log in.

This post will walk you through the SMC router login process and show you how to make certain router configuration modifications that will greatly improve the security of your WiFi network. But first, let’s take a look at what you’ll need to get started with the router login.

What you need:

  • SMC wireless router
  • You can access the network via WiFi or directly through the network cable
  • Smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • SMC admin login details (default or custom)

What are the SMC Router Login Information?

SMC uses the same login information as routers made by other manufacturers. This allows the user access to the router administrator settings page. If you haven’t changed these here are the default login details you can use:

  • Default IP address is
  • Administrator is the default username
  • Default password: smcadmin

To access router settings pages, the default login information may have been altered.

Step-By–Step SMC Router Login

The following steps will help you access the router settings page so please don’t hurry. It is possible to make mistakes and make the login process fail.

STEP 1 – Connect The Device To The Network

Connecting your device to the network is the key to a successful login. Without this, the login will fail. You can connect wireless devices by using the wireless password. You can also connect a laptop or desktop computer directly to the router with an Ethernet cable.

This step is the first of many.

STEP 2 – Open A Web Browser On Your Device

You can access the router settings page via a web browser. Open a web browser from your device. All of the current browsers will work, so pick the one that is most useful to you.

STEP 3 – Enter In The URL Bar

Now you need to type the default SMC IP address in the browser’s URL bar and press Enter if you are doing that from your PC or tap Go if you are using a smartphone or a tablet.

SMC router default IP

If the IP address is correct, you will be asked for a username or password. However, if the router login page doesn’t appear you should check whether is the correct IP. Windows users can use the Command Prompt to do this. However, if you are using a different device, follow this guide for finding your router default IP.

STEP 4 – Enter The SMC Admin Username And Password

We’ve already discussed the default username and password for SMC routers. Enter these information in the respective fields, and then click on Login.

If the default login details were previously changed, you can use the old ones.

STEP 5 – You Can Modify The Router Settings Now

As you can see, assuming you have everything ready, accessing the SMC router settings should be a breeze. There may be some issues if you aren’t connected to the network or if you type the login details incorrectly, but in the vast majority of cases, everything runs according to plan.

Essential WiFi Security Changes that You Should Make

You should be concerned about the security of your wireless network. Anyone can gain access to your wireless network and access your files. They can also abuse your internet connection. The default settings (WiFi password, router IP, admin username, and password), can be used to allow anyone to gain access to your network. We recommend that you change these settings or at least some of them as soon possible. So, let’s begin!

How to Change the SMC Admin Password

1. As described above, log in to your SMC router.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu. System tools.

3. Click on it to expand and click on Password.

SMC router login password

4. First, enter the password and username of your old administrator.

5. Next, enter the following information in the appropriate fields Password, Username and New AccountAnd Change Password.

6. Next, click on the Save To save these changes, click the button.

Most likely, you will be disconnected from your network if you have used a WiFi link to connect your device or configure the router. Login again using the new login details.

If you forget your admin login details, you can reset your SMC router’s factory settings. Then you will be able login with the default credentials.

How to Change the Wifi Password and Name on SMC Router

1. Log in to your SMC router

2. Click here WirelessClick the link to expand it

3. Click on now Wireless Settings.

4. In the new page, delete your old network name and enter your new one. SSID field.

Change SMC default SSID

5. Click on now Wireless Security.

6. Scroll down WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

7. In the PSK PasswordEnter the new wireless password in the field.

Change SMC default WiFi password

8. Click onSaveTo save the changes

If you’ve been wirelessly connected, you’ll need to reconnect to the new SSID with the new WiFi password. You will also need to connect your wireless devices to this new network.

Last words

The login process for SMC is very simple, making it easy to manage your home network. While there are many changes that you can make to your network, the ones we have listed here should be sufficient for most users. However, we don’t recommend setting up simple passwords and sharing the WiFi password with everyone. For the next time you need to make changes, keep your new login details safe.

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