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5 must-have mobile apps for solopreneurs

by stacy

Flying solo? Cheers to you and your brave decision to strike out on your own. But keep in mind that you are never really by yourself. It is great to watch the level of support that entrepreneurs are getting, particularly from the business ecosystem, as the network of solopreneurs and small enterprises continues to expand. There are literally hundreds of applications available in the market that can function as your virtual crew while you pursue your goals of being an entrepreneur; nonetheless, the following is a list of the five most essential mobile apps for solopreneurs that you absolutely should not do without.

Wunderlist LogoWunderlist
Even though it might appear that a calendar is sufficient for scheduling meetings, activities, and to-dos, Wunderlist is capable of a great deal more. It is the most effective method for monitoring both your professional and personal to-do lists, and its support for several platforms enables you to synchronise your to-do lists across all of your electronic gadgets. You have the option to make a note, add a file or a link for reference, set a reminder for an item on your list, add subtasks within the main task, and add further subtasks within the main task. The nicest feature of Wunderlist is the ability to start a conversation about a particular item, assign tasks inside a list, and share lists with other people—all without leaving the application. There is no other method that is superior to tracking talks regarding the remodelling project, the website redesign, or even just the grocery.

When you have a few minutes to kill, you may use a hashtag like #thingstogoogle to pull up a list of topics that you can Google and learn more about. We recommend that sole proprietors and owners of small enterprises get Wunderlist as one of their essential smartphone apps.

Tip for increasing productivity: We are big fans of the tags function, which enables users to create tagged items and then search for those items in several lists. For instance, you might compile a list for each of your customers and append a hashtag to each individual item on the list to indicate the nature of the work that needs to be done. After that, you can conduct a search with the hashtag to obtain a list of other related chores that you may complete all at once.

It seems misleading to refer to Evernote as a “notetaking programme” when in reality, it is so much more than that. Make a digital contact card that is connected to LinkedIn by using the business card camera to create one. You can rapidly store items to read at a later time by using the Evernote Web Clipper. When you scan and store documents to Evernote, the contents of those papers will become searchable for the information that you require. In addition to that, you can make use of it as a jot pad, to compile checklists, or to use as a place to record the outcomes of meetings. This is not an app for taking notes; rather, it is intended to serve as your workspace.

Evernote has the capability to organise all of your Post-it notes into their own individual notebooks. Due to the additional productivity it offers, Evernote has earned a spot on our list of essential mobile apps for sole proprietorships and other small businesses.

A helpful hint for users who take copious notes is that they can sync their Post-it notes and reliable Moleskines with their Evernote accounts. The Evernote camera functions similarly to an intelligent personal assistant, as it sorts your Post-it notes according to colour and your Moleskine scribbles with the assistance of Smart Stickers.

Clearing up the group inbox
Google’s inbox (Inbox)
Is it an email app? Is this some kind of checklist? Is it a storage container? Nobody actually is aware of it. There is only one thing that can be said for certain, and that is this: if you have a mailbox that is constantly full, you need Inbox by Google. Each email is handled like a work that needs to be managed; you have the option to either “snooze” it and look at it at a later time, “pin” it and set a reminder to carry out some action in response to the email, or “end up with the email and mark it as done.” This way, you can rest assured that you have responded to all of the messages that have been sent to your inbox.

capture taken on 2016-06-28 at 20:35:16 1

A quick hint for those who need to respond to an email in record time: Try out Smart Replies, and when responding to an email, choose one of the ideas from the list. You only need to touch the send button, and the job will be finished!

StatusBrew (1)
It’s possible that StatusBrew is the solution you’ve been seeking for in order to improve the way you manage your Twitter account. You are able to keep track of both your followers and unfollowers (so that you can determine why they unfollowed you and learn how to win them back), and you can also sort mentions according to the person who made them. The programme gives you the ability to view which of your followers are actively using the platform, as well as which of the profiles you follow are either fraudulent or do not exist. After that, you will have the option to either stop following them or block them. The majority of your tweets can also be automated with this programme, including the initial exchanges with any new followers you gain.

IMG 0671

A helpful hint regarding networking is that you can identify accounts by using the filter options that are offered. Through the use of the filter option, you are able to cut through the noise, create condition types depending on the total number of tweets, following, or followers, and then apply these conditions to filter accounts. After applying the filter, the Activity tab will then display a list of Twitter accounts for you to choose from.

icn of a play shop (1) Signeasy
Eliminating the need to print, sign, and scan documents can release time that can be put toward other, more productive endeavours. Paperwork is often a solopreneur’s biggest obstacle to productivity. Here is where we come in to play. Because Signeasy enables you to sign papers online using your mobile device, you are able to do things like sign a lease agreement while you are commuting, fill out a time sheet while you are working, or answer to queries and bids in a matter of minutes. Use the option to sign in person to finalise deals while you are meeting with clients, or test out the remote signing tool to obtain a signature from anyone, regardless of where they are located, at any time. You will never again be need to wait in order to get a project off the ground.

Your app’s level of protection is increased by using a biometric authentication technique like Touch ID, which is included in the Signeasy iOS app. Because of this, we believe that Signeasy is one of the smartphone apps that all entrepreneurs and sole proprietors absolutely need to have.

A good practise for protecting your privacy is to protect your electronic signature by using a passcode and a biometric ID. This will ensure that only you can validate and finish a signed document.

A solopreneur’s extended team should include not only mentors, partners, and clients (yes, your clients are the best marketing team you can ever have), but also these apps. Because each of them is compatible with mobile devices as well, running your own business does not require you to be tethered to a desk at all times. Install them on your smartphone and take your virtual team wherever you go!

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