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Spectrum 5G Wi-Fi Not Working

Laptop will not connect to spectrum 5g Wifi

by stacy

Your Wi Fi should be working properly

Spectrum subscribers often come across this issue. Let’s look at the causes of this problem and what we can do to fix them.

Spectrum 5G Wi Fi Isn’t Working

Your 5GHz Wi Fi band might not work. This could be due to your wireless network traffic, your router’s age, and your router position.

Clogged Up Network

Many people believe that too many devices could be connected to the same network. We give our Wi Fi password to all of our guests.

Traffic can get intense when all devices are connected. It is also possible for some connection problems to occur. It is possible to clean them once in awhile.

Current Devices

Maybe it’s time to admit your router doesn’t have the ability to operate in 5GHz frequency range.

We use the term “older devices” to mean that your router might not emit 5GHz frequencies.

Faulty Devices

Your router could also be damaged. It could be one of the frequency bands at 5GHz or both.

This could be a sign that you should get a new tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer.

Router Position

The frequency band differences make it critical to determine the router’s position. The 5GHz signal might be weaker in areas that might still have a strong 2.4GHz signal.

As you get closer to the router, your wireless connection will become stronger and more reliable. Make sure that the router is in the correct position in your home.

Spectrum Router Settings

You will need to access the router’s settings first.

Next, you will need to open a browser and enter the IP address for the router in the address bar. Next, click Enter.

  • Spectrum Wave 2: Open the browser and type in to log in.
  • Netgear: Open the browser again and type www.routerlogin.net/password.
  • Arris: Open your browser and type in to access this page. Next, enter your username admin and password.

Spectrum 5G Wi-Fi Not Working Fixes

There are many things you can do to fix Spectrum 5GHz Wi Fi that isn’t working. We can also contact support if none or all of these options don’t work.

Power Cycle

The entire network must be powered cycled. Turn off all devices and wait for a while, preferably 5 . Next, turn each device on individually.

Wait for the modem to establish an Internet link. Next, turn on your router. You can turn on all devices connected to the network once the router emits a wireless signal.

Update Wi-Fi Drivers

Your Spectrum 5GHz Wi Fi doesn’t work because your wireless drivers have become obsolete. Click the button to see the most recent wireless drivers Search Box right next to the start button.

Click on Device manager, and type in the name. Next, expand the section Network adapters and right-click each driver that has the word “wireless” next to it.

Click on the Update driver button and then search for drivers automatically.

Enable 5GHz Frequency Band

If you don’t have access the 5GHz frequency band at first, you can log in to your router’s settings page.

You should be able to select the frequency band from this section.

Preferred Band

You can change the preferred band of Windows by going to the search box and typing Device Manager. Expand the section Network adapters.

You’ll find the device you’re looking for under the name “Network Controller/Network Adapter”. Right-click the device and select Properties. You can choose the preferred band option from the Property section via the Advanced tab.

You will find a dropdown menu below the Value section. This is where you can choose to use the 5GHz option alone.


If the Spectrum 5G Wi Fi isn’t working, search for the causes Then you can solve the problem.

If none of these solutions work you may need to purchase a new router. Support should be available to provide more information.

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