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Spectrum Connected But No Internet: How to Fix It?

by stacy

There have been many topics about Spectrum, an ISP (Internet Service Provider). We haven’t addressed the issue of Spectrum being connected, but not having internet.

We decided to discuss possible solutions to this problem and what we can do to fix it on the network. We’ll also discuss what we can do with our devices to fix connection problems.

Spectrum Connected But No Internet On Network

You can solve the problem by changing five components of the network and hardware. Reset the router or gateway, replace the modem and inspect your wiring.

Modify Modem/Gateway

Sometimes we are just using an old device to run our network. This is often the problem. It’s a good time to upgrade if you have been a long-term subscriber.

After one year of being a subscriber to an ISP, they usually have a new modem/gateway available to improve customer satisfaction and offer better service. It is important to keep up-to-date and see if there are any new devices.

Take a look at the wiring

It is not unusual for wiring to become damaged. It could be that the modem isn’t working properly or that the cable is damaged. It could also be a problem with our coaxial cables or any other type cable we use.

If there is a router and modem setup, it is important to verify that the Ethernet cable between them works properly. You can test to see if the problem has been resolved by using a different cable. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then we should try another cable.

Connect with Wired

We need to change to a wired network to check if our wireless connection is not working properly. Connect the device to an Ethernet cable to verify that it has internet access.

Modem Factory Reset

Nearly all routers, modems and gateways have a reset button. You will need a needle and paperclip to reset your device. Push the button for 30 seconds. The device should then go back to its default settings. This could allow the internet to work.

Modify settings

We can check if there is a firmware update for our device. If not, we can reset the wireless radios to see if it works. Spectrum can have multiple gateways, routers, and modems. We’ll now discuss the settings for the most popular ones.

  • ArrisEnter these details to access the settings page of your device: The username is cusadminThe and Password It is connected to your modem. Navigate to Wireless and click on the BasicTab. Check the Wireless enabledbox, then hit Apply.

Your page will reload after you have applied the settings. You’ll still need to follow the same steps. You will need to change to a wired connection first. Once you disable wireless, the settings page will be removed.

  • NetgearGo to www.routerlogin.netEnter, admin Both the username and password are required. To access the AdvancedTab, click on Advanced Setup. Once you have reached your destination, you can access the Wireless Setting.

Then, we need to uncheck it Wireless has been enabled For both radios and hit Apply. Only if the wired connection is available, this will work. Continue with the steps to enable radios. Everything should then work as it should.

  • UbeeType Log in to the address bar with your credentials. Create a new login if you have never logged in before. Choose the username and password that you prefer.

Log in to your Ubee router and access the GatewaySection WLAN. Click Apply to disable the 2.4GHz radio. The same thing can be done for the 5GHz radio. Both pages will need to refresh. Once you have connected, you will be able to access the internet.

Spectrum Connected But No Internet Windows 10 Fixes

It could be that the reason Spectrum is connected but no internet may not be related to the hardware of the network. It could be related to our adapter, DNS (Domain Name System), and device. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack.

Flush DNS

It is very easy to flush your DNS on Windows 10. Right-click the DNS. Windows button You will find it at the lower left corner. Select Windows PowerShell Administrator. Click the button to open a blue window.

Once the blue window appears, you can type Ipconfig /flushdns. Enter This will clear your DNS cache. To test it, open a website with your browser.

Click on the Search button if you don’t have internet access. Type Terminal Once you see it in the results, click on it. After that, enter the command sudo.dscacheutil. -flushcacheHit .

You can also use the sudo Killall-HUP MDNSResponder command. Once you have run these commands, your Mac should be cleared of any DNS cache. These commands will allow you to access the internet.

Network Troubleshooter

The Windows 10 automated troubleshooter can be used. The Windows 10 automated troubleshooter can be used. Click the connection icon In the lower right corner, choose Troubleshoot. This will perform a diagnostic of your connection and should fix the problem.

TCP/IP Stack Reset

WindowsOpen the Windows PowerShell.Right-click the Windows iconSelect the option from the menu. Once it opens, you’ll need to enter your password. netsh int ip resetHit Enter. The TCP/IP stack was reset.

MacUsers: The process is slightly different. We need to click on the Apple icon and then go to Preferences to the System. Click on the Network to continue reading. After that, click on the network you’re connected to. Click on Advanced…

After selecting the advanced options, you’ll see a tab that we can click on and a button that states Renewal DHCP Lease. To continue, click on the link. OK. This should complete the task.


We now know what to do if Spectrum isn’t connected. There are two choices. The first is the wiring and hardware. The other includes everything not directly related to our device.

Other options are available depending on the device that we’re trying connect to the internet. If none of these options are working, it is time to contact a technician. As a last resort, support can be reached.

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