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Broken sales process? Here are 7 tips to fix it for startups

by stacy

Most likely, you’ve seen sales teams that are well-prepared with a sales strategy, have answered all sales inquiries in the pipeline, have developed forecast projections, and so on and so forth. However, even after checking off nearly all of the appropriate boxes, companies often find that their sales figures remain disappointingly low.

The sales pipeline is depleted, transaction closing dates are continually being pushed back, and opportunity values are declining. Meanwhile, salespeople continue to be overworked and under-productive! Yikes!

A problem exists with the sales process, without a doubt! It is necessary to rectify the situation. Moreover, there is no time to waste, especially in the current business climate.

If the reality of your firm have been mirrored in the last few phrases, don’t be concerned – you’ve arrived to the correct blog article for that!

What kind of assistance do startups require to fix their dysfunctional sales process?
It should be simple for your salesman to market to the target demographic. While at the same time, your customers should find it nearly instinctive to complete the transaction. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to determine whether or not you are doing it correctly:

Does your team have a thorough understanding of the buyer and their requirements?
Is the sales workflow up to date with the ‘new normal’ of everything being digitally stored and processed?
Is there anything that is preventing the documents from being exchanged and signed?
Have you automated the repetitive activities so that your sales force may spend more time focusing on’selling’?
If you responded no to any of these questions, you now know where your sales staff requires assistance.

7 tips startups need to fix their broken sales process

If you want to take the initiative and maintain optimal control over the entire sales process during the pandemic, here are the actions you should do:

Understand how you want the complete sales workflow to look, from developing a database and setting targets all the way through closing the transaction. Then, for each of these major events, establish strategic objectives for the sales staff. Make certain that it corresponds to the customer’s purchasing process. Also, be certain that you:
Determine who the most important contacts are at the buyer’s end and obtain their contact information.
Create a list of the actions that must be completed at each stage of your sales cycle.
Make a plan for your calls and work on improving your pitch.
Bring on board a top-notch sales team.
Train your team to better satisfy the needs of your buyers: The slogan is straightforward: the better you understand your consumers and their individual requirements, the more you will be able to offer to them. Once you’ve identified your target customers, you can categorise them into buyer personas moulds based on their personalities and purchasing patterns. Train your sales staff on how to approach each buyer type, which will help them capture the proper leads and tailor their sales process to satisfy the specific needs of each type of customer, after which they will be successful. Your sales team will be able to nurture leads more effectively if they are familiar with the purchase behaviours of each type of consumer.
Create and automate triggers for sales actions, such as the following: You must be able to track the activity of a possible buyer – such as the onboarding of a new hire, the expansion or new funding of the company, the buyer opening your email, your current contact accepting a new position, and so on. These are the kind of events that can increase a buyer’s receptivity to a transaction. If you can find a system that automatically tracks and notifies you of such events, your sales staff will be able to close virtual deals much more quickly!
Reduce or eliminate paperwork: Are your salespeople spending more than a third of their day on administrative tasks? Writing emails, signing contracts, data entry, investigating prospects, and arranging calls are all examples of what you’ll be doing. That leaves your team with only 2-3 hours each day to devote to the actual sale of services or goods, if that is the case. As a result, your transaction’s completion is delayed! Because paperwork accounts for a significant amount of administrative activities, you can streamline the sales process by digitising the signature and transmission of sales documents through the use of a legally compliant and legally binding eSignature solution. Particularly effective and user-friendly is Signeasy, which was named ‘Leader’ in Aragon Research’s Globe 2021 report!
Make task aids non-contact by following these steps: Despite the fact that sales has traditionally been a field that relied on face-to-face interactions with decision-makers, this must shift now that there are orders for products to be delivered to customers’ homes. By digitising sales aids, tools, sales literature, and evaluation guides, the sales force may stay in touch with their customers even when they are working from their own homes.

Why startups need Signeasy for sales

Communicate sales expectations clearly and succinctly: As a result of the difficulties that employees are experiencing in terms of balancing work and personal life, managers should reevaluate their expectations for typical sales performance. Your sales force will be more driven to put up their best efforts if you create reachable and realistic goals for them to work toward. To avoid leaving your staff feeling overburdened, especially during a period when managers and salespeople are working remotely, you must express these expectations explicitly and frequently with them.
Increase the use of data: It is possible to use previous sales data to refine your strategy and processes at every stage of the sales funnel. As a result, conversion rates would be higher as well. Everything from pricing to message and the creation of case studies to entice prospective clients may be managed using the data. Consider implementing a robust CRM system to track and analyse all of your sales data in order to make better sales decisions.
Why do entrepreneurs require Signeasy for their sales?
Sales invoices alone make for a significant amount of paper. Then there are pitch decks, quotes, non-disclosure agreements, sales contracts, and so on. If any of the documentation becomes stale, you run the risk of losing the sale. Moreover, this is a major loss that most entrepreneurs, particularly during a pandemic, cannot afford to suffer through. Fortunately, with the help of Signeasy, anything from filling out internal paperwork to obtaining eSignatures and gathering sales documents can be accomplished quickly and remotely. The following are the key USPs of this solution:

Easily integrates with legacy applications — Your sales staff will be able to sign, send, and save papers without ever leaving the CRM or productivity tools they are using. By ensuring that your team’s core workflows are not disrupted, you can save on productive selling time and get salespersons to focus more on selling.
Increases the speed with which deals are closed: In most cases, your sales force will no longer be obligated to use an office printer, scanner, or courier service anymore. They may now sign and share papers from any location and at any time thanks to Signeasy!
Internal approval constraints are no longer an issue: Signeasy delivers reminders at regular intervals, so you no longer have to spend time manually following up with internal team members for approvals on sales presentations and decks.
While the epidemic is underway, you must take a whole new approach in order to get large-scale commercial contract leads or grow income for your small firm to succeed. Most sales transactions can be made more sustainable, contact-free, automated, and data-driven with the use of technology, which can save time and money. And, to do this, you are not required to make a significant financial investment.

For example, Signeasy (which starts at just $8 per month) can completely transform the way your sales staff conducts their daily business. Please click here to try out the eSignature solution, which is both amazingly fast and legally compliant in its signature process.

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