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The upscale New York City properties that make up the realtors’ portfolios at Stribling and Associates Real Estate typically have price tags in the eight figures, not to mention lavish crown mouldings, sky-high ceilings, and thoughtful details, all of which are geared toward the luxury market. Stribling and Associates Real Estate knows a thing or two about making an impression.

But there was one thing about the company that wasn’t quite in line with its extremely professional and refined image, and that was the way Stribling handled the paperwork associated with their customers in a manner that was quite dated. Associate Broker Tracie F. Golding shared the following story: “In the past, we had to order messengers to deliver paperwork to a client so that they could sign it, and then another messenger to bring it back.” “Or, you were standing by an old fax machine waiting for them to receive the contract, sign it, and fax it back to you,” the other option stated.

In any case, the group came to the conclusion that it was time to bring their contract signing procedures up to the same level of sophistication as the high-end grade of the properties in their portfolio. The president of the company, Elizabeth Ann Stribling, came to the conclusion that it was time to abandon the manual process in favour of the digitization of the eSignature, so she went to the Apple App Store in search of a solution. It was there that she discovered Signeasy.

Why Stribling loves Signeasy

Ms. Stribling’s plan for the company’s longer-term success includes the elimination of physical paperwork and the implementation of more environmentally friendly business practises. “Signeasy is going to play a really significant role in our future. I believe that in the not too distant future, we will no longer print things out on paper. Not only can we cut down on wasted time, but let’s also spare some trees.

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“I remember the first time I used Signeasy because it made me realise that this was going to change how I did business,” said Ms. Golding. “It set a light bulb off that this was going to change how I did business.” “Within ten minutes of sending a document out to be signed, I would get it back with the signatures attached. It made all of the difference.

At Stribling, industry-leading ease Innovation Director Jonathan de Guzman is in charge of maintaining the company’s servers, programmes, and other technology. He lauded Signeasy’s fluidity, lauded its seamlessness, and cited its ease of use as the reasons behind the company’s widespread adoption of our electronic signature software. He did this by citing the benefits listed above.

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