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Suddenlink Internet Keeps Dropping

by stacy

This article is likely to help you fix your Suddenlink internet connection. The fixes will cover general troubleshooting for any internet connection.

The reasons Suddenlink’s internet drop continuously are not very specific, but they could also happen with other ISPs. Let’s talk about the causes and then fix the problem.

Suddenlink Internet

Why Suddenlink Internet keeps dropping

Suddenlink is no different than other internet service providers and the issue is not unique to their subscribers. These reasons may make it more likely that the problem will persist.

  • Suddenlink has an issue: You can check if your ISP is having problems by plugging your modem into the outlet that allows cables to enter your home. Turn it on and then connect it to your computer. Contact Suddenlink if it doesn’t work.
  • Old cables and splitters: Look at the cables and determine if they are corroded or rusty. You should change the splitters if they are too old.
  • Wrong Package: Sometimes it’s the package offered by an internet service provider that we are subscribed to. Switching between packages can lead to problems. Upgrades to better packages will require new hardware. If Suddenlink skips this step, they should be contacted.
  • Incompatible modem Some modem models may not work with Suddenlink’s service. You might need to purchase a new modem approved by Suddenlink. It’s best to consult them.

Suddenlink Internet keeps dropping fixes

We will discuss possible solutions to Suddenlink’s internet dropouts. It all comes down to the package you have, the router’s firmware that we need to fix, and the network itself. If none of these works, a factory reset is recommended.

Modifying the package

You might also need to upgrade the hardware if you have changed the package or upgraded the hardware. Some subscribers have reported that they were able to resolve the problem by downgrading their subscription.

Suddenlink can be contacted if you notice that your internet is dropping. If they are unable to provide a solution, you may be able to change your subscription package.

Firmware Update

If we don’t have the modem provided by our ISP, it is important to consider the potential issues with the router or modem. The compatibility of the router or modem’s firmware version and its compatibility are the most obvious issues.

To update your router’s firmware, you will need to know your router’s model and manufacturer. You can then log in to the WEB-UI. You can then search for an automatic or manual update.

Troubleshoot Network

We can also try to repair the network on the device’s end. Windows 10 devices have an automatic troubleshooter. To troubleshoot issues , all we have to do right-click.

Our network troubleshooter will then take you through the steps and answer any questions until you are satisfied. The troubleshooter can help you determine if there is a problem with your device or the settings.

Modify the cables

You can replace the coax cables if they are damaged or the connectors and splitters are worn out. It can be difficult to connect coax cables properly and cut them. It might be best that you call a professional to do this.

Reset Router

Try resetting your router if none of the above mentioned fixes work. The router has a reset button at the back that must be pressed for at least 30 second. Use a thin object or a pen to push the button and wait for it to reboot.

Suddenlink Router

After it restarts, you need to wait for the connection to be established and for all lights to stop flashing. Once this happens, the internet connection should be working properly and you won’t have to worry anymore.

Suddenlink Modem Compatibility

Compatibility is always a concern. It’s not that Suddenlink does not approve of certain modems. You can use any modem that you like, but compatibility may be off.

If you are using your modem don’t expect them support it. Most popular modem/router brands work with Suddenlink and won’t cause the problem we’re talking about. It could happen if we use firmware and hardware from other brands.


It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of Suddenlink’s internet drop, but it is possible to count on the general causes. We can easily identify the problem and fix it.

Sometimes we may need to do more complicated troubleshooting. In those cases, Suddenlink should not be contacted and we should ask for a technician. If none of these solutions work, we may need to switch internet providers.

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