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Suddenlink Throttling

by stacy

Suddenlink Throttling – Everything Explained

There are many other disadvantages to Suddenlink. However, these are not easy to overlook. Although you may be on a budge provider, this does not mean they can control your network in any way they wish. You should only be receiving the services you have paid for. Domestic consumers don’t know these details and have to pay more for their speed and bandwidth.

What’s throttling?

Throttling occurs when your ISP limits your internet speed or bandwidth. Throttling can occur on a small or large scale. Your entire area could be affected by the throttle, or it may be restricted to your package or your particular IP address. Although there is no way to verify that your network is being throttled, ISPs will always deny the fact that it is.

Suddenlink Throttling

Is Suddenlink Throttling?

According to many subscribers, Suddenlink is indeed throttling internet speeds. According to them, they believe that Suddenlink is throttling the internet at a slower speed than usual when they exceed certain data usage limits. People who have unlimited plans claim that their internet speeds are being slowed to reduce their network and data usage.

Suddenlink doesn’t admit to throttling and says that speed variations can be due to more network traffic in one area or tons of other technical reasons. But not throttling. This can be true to a certain extent, as they can impact your network speed but not always. Here’s how to test your network speed.

How do you check to throttle?

A VPN with a Speed test is the best way to determine if you are experiencing throttling. To determine the speed of your network connection, you will need to run reliable speed testing. For accuracy, make sure you run the test several times and average the speed.

You will need to activate a VPN service, then you can try the same process again. If you get the same speed but with a difference between 1 and 2 Mbps, your ISP hasn’t throttled the internet.

If you feel that you are experiencing a significant increase in speed after activating the VPN, it could be because your ISP is slowing down your internet.

Avoid Throttling

You can easily bypass throttling. VPNs mask your IP address as well as all data packets being sent and received over your network. Your ISP won’t be able to monitor, control, or throttle them. If you suspect that your Internet connection has been throttled, you will need a reliable VPN service to fix the problem.

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