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A Guide to Making a Targeted Email Campaign

It doesn’t feel like marketing if you send the right emails to the right people at the right times. A targeted, thoughtful email feels like it’s from a friend.

Unfortunately, not all emails are friendly. This is because marketers still use email to send generic messages.

Although these emails are easy to send, they don’t always work. Instead of sending the same email to everyone on your list and expecting just a few to open it, send targeted emails that people won’t forget.

Personalizing your emails is the best way to build a relationship with subscribers. You can target subscribers with personalized content to create an experience that is relevant and engaging for them.

Let’s take a look at why and how to create targeted email campaigns.

Personalization is an email tactic

Email is your most powerful marketing tool. It boasts the highest ROI among all marketing channels, from radio commercials and television to PPC. It converts 40% more customers than social media.

Your messages could go unread if you don’t personalize them.

Why? Customers respond by name to messages that target them with relevant offers and offers that match their current stage of the buyer’s journey.

Personalization’s effectiveness is a fact that the numbers prove.

  • Emails that include the recipient’s name as the subject line have 26% higher chances of being read. — Experian
  • Personalized email messages increase click-through rates by 14% on average and convert by 10% — Aberdeen
  • 81% of online shoppers who received emails based upon previous shopping habits were at most somewhat likely to purchase as a result. — eMarketer

What do you need to do to create targeted email campaigns?

Personalization: How to get started

There are two steps you can take to ensure the best results when you get serious about personalization.

1. Ask the right questions to get the right data

When collecting customer information, this should be your mantra. Your email targeting is only as good as the information that you put into it. Your subscribe forms are the best place to gather customer information.

Consider what information is necessary to customize your email messages effectively. Make sure you ask for this information in the signup form.

2. 2. Integrate your existing CRM and eCommerce platform

Integrating an eCommerce platform with your CRM will allow you to expand your multi-channel marketing strategies. These powerful tools enable you to market to all your customers, not just to one line in a spreadsheet.

To further personalize your emails for VIP loyalty program customers, you can integrate your campaign to Shopify.

Targeting an email

Now we know that even the simplest personal touches, such as using the recipient’s first name, can make a big difference in click-through and open rates. This is just the beginning. Campaign Monitor allows you to customize every email, making targeting an important part of your overall marketing strategy.

These targeting techniques will help you build an email that is as relevant and memorable as possible for your customers.

Targeting by location

What is that image of New York City’s skyline in the background of your email to London customers?

You should also choose images that reflect the location of your customers. A personalized image that is based on the location of the recipient can result in a 29% higher number of click-throughs than a generic image.

Campaign Monitor’s email editor allows you to customize images based upon the recipient’s geographic location. Select the images that you wish to personalize and then choose the segment of your subscriber list to which you want them to be displayed (e.g. subscribers in Australia).

Targeting by gender

Trust is built when the content is relevant. After you have gotten someone to open your email and are satisfied with that, it is time to ensure the content is useful to the recipient. Unrelevant emails are often deleted, prompting recipients to unsubscribe and report spam.

To be more relevant, you can take into consideration the gender of the recipient. You can see how Adidas manages relevance in a single campaign by displaying different offers or copy based upon demographics using what’s called dynamic content.

Remember that demographic targeting is only as good as the data you have about your subscribers. You can target customers based on their shoe sizes if you have that data.

Targeting using custom fields

Custom fields allow you to incorporate any information about customers into your campaign. Personalization tags allow you to personalize any part of your email copy.

For example, you might send a thank-you email that includes the recipient’s first name in it. B2B users can ensure that the recipient’s name is included in the email’s body.

Targeting via purchase behavior

Targeting by purchase behavior is one of the most powerful tools for targeting. This is a win-win strategy that can result in more sales for you and more customer satisfaction.

You can reach customers better by considering buying behavior.

  • Someone who has been looking at buying might be motivated to purchase if they get a good deal.
  • One-time customers can be turned into repeat customers by re-engagement
  • They may be motivated to decide by a deadline, such as a limited-time offer.

Take a bow

Email targeting makes use of customer data to add a personal touch to emails. This has been shown to increase clicks and increase revenue. You can create emails that reach the right person at right time and send them a message they will read.

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