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The Easiest BT Wi-Fi Disc Setup

by stacy

The BT Wi Fi disc improves your internet connection by extending your internet signal around your home. However, before you can use your new gadget, you must first set it up. Fortunately, if you follow our simple instructions, you’ll be ready to take use of your fast internet connection in no time!

BT Wi-Fi Disc

1. Install the BT Wi Fi Disc via an Ethernet Cable

You can first set up the BT Wi-Fi Disc using the Ethernet cable included with your BT hub. In case yours is damaged, you shouldn’t try to use it, as that can be pretty dangerous. Go to your nearest store or order one online.

Connecting to the BT Disc

Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the yellow connector on the back of the disc once you have it. “Ethernet” will be written above the socket. The BT disc must then be connected to a power outlet.

The BT hub should be connected on the opposite end. After that, you’ll have to wait a few seconds for the connection to be established. When you see a solid blue light on the BT disc, you know the hub and disc are effectively joined.

Ethernet Cable

After that, you’ll need to unhook it from the cord. Place it in a convenient location in your home. When the disc is at its best, it will glow blue. If you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out where to store your BT disc, we have several suggestions for you.

To begin, consider placing the disc midway between the hub and the room where the strongest internet signal is required. If the hub is on the ground level and you need a better signal upstairs, the disc should be put near the top of either the ceiling or the floor. The BT disc, on the other hand, should never be placed on the ground.

To put the disc on a stand, you’ll need to find one. Because the internet connection can be hampered by the floor, this is the case. Furthermore, the BT disc should be kept away from any other electrical devices. Furthermore, it’s preferable to put it in a space that gets enough of fresh air.

2. Use the Mobile App to set up the BT WiFi Disc

“My BT” is the new moniker for the BT Mobile app. If you already have a BT app, you should upgrade to My BT because the original app will be phased out soon. It’s a lot easier to manage with my BT.

This updated version enables you to check your data and mobile allowances fast. You’ll also be able to check, download, and pay your bills online. You’ll also be able to keep track of orders and issues. You can use the My BT app to test and confirm the speed of BT services in your area.

Installing the My BT App

If you are not the original holder of the mobile account, you will need to request that the original holder create a secondary ID for your portion of the account. It’s worth noting that once you’ve received your BT ID, you’ll only be able to check your personal BT usage.

If you have a BT account, you should log in using your login and password. If you forget your information, you can easily get it on the official BT website. Anyone without an account will need to go to the BT website to create one. To create it, you’ll need your BT phone number and postcode.

Next, download the My BT App. It’s available on both the App Store and Google Play. Depending on your location, you could also text “My BT” to 81192. The company will then send you the link. Finally, scan the QR code from My BT and you will be able to download it.

Connecting the App with the BT Wi-Fi Disc

After you log in successfully, you can link the Wi-Fi disc to the app. You can place the disc wherever you like before connecting to the internet using the app.

Put the disc down, then turn it on and then locate it in the My BT app. These two can then be connected. With the Wi-Fi signal checking feature, the app can help you locate the best location for your BT disc. In addition, you’ll be able to personalize the network name and password and view all of the devices connected to the disc.

How to determine if the BT Disc Setup is not working properly

Examine the lights to see if your Wi-Fi disc is working properly. If you notice a solid blue light, it signifies your internet connection is robust and everything is functioning normally. The flashing blue light indicates that the disc is in the process of pairing and that it will take a few minutes to connect.

The purple light on the device indicates that it is progressively turning on. It will take some time for the disc to turn on properly. The orange light indicates that the connection has been established, but that the Wi-Fi signal isn’t ideal. The disc should be moved to a different position.

The connection is not functional, as indicated by the red light. The power button should then be used to switch off the disc and hub. It’s preferable to switch them on after a few minutes of waiting. If it doesn’t work, try pressing the factory reset button on the disc using a paper clip.

How to Set the BT Disc Up?

If you have any problems, go to BT’s official website and look in the Help section. If you can’t find a solution to your problem there, you can obtain help by clicking “Chat” on the same site. Finally, if the first two tries fail, call the BT customer service number shown on the page.

In conclusion

There you have it — the two simplest methods for configuring your BT Wi-Fi disc! To ensure that you have a strong internet signal, we made the process as simple as possible. You should now be able to enjoy a stable internet connection.

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