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TP-Link Router Orange Light: An In-Depth Guide

by stacy

TP-Links, a trusted manufacturer of WiFi networking devices, has been in the market for many years. They are trusted by customers who demand reliable, high-quality equipment.

However, even their devices tend to experience some issues, but the truth is that in most cases the problem isn’t in the router itself, but some other external factors are causing the problem. The LED lights on the TP-Link router tell us more about our connection status and activity. It is helpful to understand what they mean when there are problems.

This article will discuss the TP Link orange light. What does it mean? What are the possible causes? And how can you fix it.

What does the TP Link Router Orange Light Signify?

TP-Link Router orange light

According to TP-Link, the Internet light on the router can be seen to be orange. This means that the Internet port is active, but there is an issue connecting to the ISP.

This could happen if your ISP is having problems or is not working properly on the network. Sometimes the router settings can get corrupted. This requires intervention on your part. Sometimes, firmware issues can arise, but these are also easily fixed.

How do I fix the TP Link Router Orange Light

It is possible to quickly fix the orange light on your TP Link router. We have tested all of the solutions below and are certain that one of them will resolve your problem.

So, let’s start!

Reboot The Modem

  1. Turn off your modem and unplug the device from an electrical outlet. If your modem has a backup battery, take it out.
  2. Turn off the modem for 60 seconds. Then, connect the modem to an outlet and turn it back on. Wait for the modem’s to start up
  3. Take a look at the Internet light. If it’s still orange, move to the next step.

Is your ISP Network down?

It is common to have some issues with your ISP’s network, whether they are having problems or just performing scheduled maintenance. These issues could cause your TP Link router to turn on the orange light.

Asking your ISP support to determine if you are affected by outages is the best way to find out. Logging in to your ISP account can give you a warning message about possible outages. Most will also tell you when it is expected to be fixed. They do their best to fix problems like this as soon as possible.

You can also find information on different services that are experiencing downtime via websites.

MAC Binding Problem (If You Are Using Cable Internet Services)

This problem can occur from time to time. It is represented by an orange light on your router. To fix it, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the Power and Coax Cable from the Modem
  2. Reconnect the Power cable. For now, leave the coax cable unattached.
  3. An Ethernet cable can be used to connect the modem to router’s WAN port.
  4. The modem is powered on.
  5. After five minutes, connect the coax cable again.
  6. Wait for the modem to connect to the Internet, then check the Internet light and go to some websites.
WAN Port on TP-Link router

It should not be a problem anymore. Try the following if you still have problems.

Update Your Router Firmware

Each router firmware upgrade includes some security patches, as well as performance tweaks. If there’s a available firmware upgrade, it’s not uncommon to fix the TP-Link Orange Light.

  1. Download the appropriate firmware from the official TP Link site. Select the right hardware version.
  2. Extract the firmware To your Desktop
  3. Go to your TP Link router settings and click “OK”. Advanced In the top horizontal menu
  4. Then select System Tools Please click on the button in the menu to the left. Firmware Update.
  5. In the Manual Upgrade section Click the Browse Click the button beside the File New Firmware field.
  6. File Explorer will be opened Select the firmware file you want to download. You have now unpacked your Desktop.
  7. Click it and click Open.
  8. The end of the article click Upgrade.
  9. Let the firmware update take place and allow the router to reboot.
  10. Give the router time to stabilize before you turn on the Internet. It should now be fine.

Clone Current Device’s MAC Address

This is a simple solution that has worked well in such situations.

Clone Computer MAC address
  1. Your router and PC must be connected. An Ethernet cable can be used for this purpose.
  2. Now, Login to your TP Link router.
  3. You can access the admin dashboard by selecting Advanced From the horizontal menu at top.
  4. Next, click on Network You can find it in the left-hand menu.
  5. Click here Internet In the sub-menu
  6. Scroll down to the MAC Clone section Check out the “Use Current Computer MAC Address” Radio button
  7. Click here Save Click the button to confirm your changes
  8. Check now if the Internet light on your TP Link router is still orange.

Reset your Router to Factory Settings

IMPORTANT:To reset your TP Link router to factory settings, you must know that it will be necessary to set up the internet connection from scratch. After the process is complete, all custom settings will be restored to their default values.

Factory reset button on TP-Link router
  1. The Reset button is located at the back.
  2. Use a paperclip or similar object to press the button until the Power LED light blinks.
  3. After that, release the button to reboot the router.
  4. All settings will be restored to default when the computer boots back up.

When you have completed the router setup, make sure to turn on the Internet light.

Please avoid resetting the router to factory settings if you aren’t sure about the default login details.

Get support from your ISP

If you still get the orange light after trying everything, please contact support. Your ISP can test and clear your connection remotely. Be as detailed as possible when explaining the problem. They will help you to determine the best steps to take to solve the problem.

Last words

We hope you are able to resolve the TP Link router orange light. You can fix it and will be able to recall what to do next time.

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