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What’s changing?

The UofM published policy UM1805, which clarifies who is eligible to use electronic mail (email on campus). Policy UM1805 also outlines the appropriate uses of email. University email is available to University of Memphis students for University-related activities. The University of Memphis only allows email access to current students, employees, and some guests. This policy refers to existing business processes for revocation of University email access after an end to an active affiliation. A schedule for revocation of access can be found on the IT Resource Access Termination Procedures page.

Why is this important?

The basic structure of email services has changed over the years. Many people join universities with access to email services such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! People no longer depend on the University as their only provider of email services. Cyber security threats are on the rise and there have been numerous email exploits, such as malware, phishing, and other forms of attack. The potential for an email account being compromised has increased. An inactive person could use an email account from the University to falsely represent themselves as active agents. This could be intentional or unintentional. Therefore, this policy was created. This policy is following best security practices to deny access to individuals who are not affiliated with the University.

What will this change mean for me?

Students, faculty/faculty retired, and employees can access University email accounts/other IT services until they cease to be active members. End of affiliation can be defined as graduation, lapsed enrollment, termination, or retirement. Retirees and alumni who have a University of Memphis email address can switch to another email service. The University Alumni Association can facilitate this transition, as described below.

What happens to access?

Employee voluntary separationEmployees who are open to separating from the university won’t have access to data/IT systems. Resignation or retirement are examples of employee voluntary separation. This schedule applies to all faculty and staff, full- and part-time, regardless of the reason for voluntary separation. Personal electronic files/data that are stored on University systems must be saved by the employee before the separation date. After the termination of employment, access to personal electronic data/files will be denied. Only individuals with valid active affiliations will be granted access to personal electronic files.

Employee Involuntary SeparationEmployees who have separated from the University automatically will not be able to access University data/IT systems. The employee is notified immediately after or before the meeting that terminates access.

Students SeparationStudents who leave the University will not have access to data/IT systems. One year from the end of the student’s last term, access will be removed. The student is responsible for securing personal data/files stored on University systems before the access termination date. After the expiration of one year, access to personal electronic files and data will be denied. Access to personal electronic files or data is granted only if an individual re-enrolls or has an active affiliation.

Emeritus FacultyFaculty who are granted official Emeritus status by a University President has access to University IT resources/systems. As mentioned in the previous examples, access is granted until the official retirement date. Once Banner has entered the Emeritus status, access will be granted or retained automatically.

RoleAccess Termination Schedule
PersonalAfter the end of your employment
Full-Time Faculty120 days after the last day of employment
Part-Time Faculty120 days after the last day of employment

I have joined the Alumni Association’s “Email365” program. Do I have to continue email access?

Alumni Association members now have an email365 benefit. Members will have the opportunity to transition to an “@memphisalumni.org” or “@memphisretirees.org” account hosted through Gmail. Additional information can be found on the Alumni Association site.

Human Resources granted me access to email upon my retirement. Do you think I will continue to be able to access email?

No. No. June 26, 2017, will mark the end of access. Current UofM Association of Retirees (UMAR) members will have the opportunity to transition to a “@memphisalumni.org” or “@memphisretirees.org” account. Retirees who are not currently members of UMAR will need to join UMAR to receive an “@memphisalumni.org” or “@memphisretirees.org” account. Further information is available on the Alumni Association website.
*Retirees in “emeritus” status will still have access to their @memphis.edu accounts.

What can I do to give feedback about the new policy?

Feedback regarding the policy may be submitted via the Information Technology Services suggestion box.

What is the problem?

Yes. Information Technology Services (ITS), began making configuration changes on January 31, 2020, to improve Microsoft Office 365’s email security. Many applications use SMTP and POP to view or download email. To improve security, SMTP and IMAP were disabled.

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