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Ubee Modem Wi-Fi Not Working: How To Fix It?

by stacy

Ubee modems have become very popular around the globe. They offer unlimited broadband easily enabled, or Ubee. As is the case with almost all hardware, the more widely it’s used, the more issues users report.

The Ubee gateway/modem/router is a wonderful piece of hardware that allows us to have internet access at home. It also provides great wireless coverage. What do you do if your Ubee Wi-Fi modem isn’t working?

Why Ubee Modem Wi Fi Isn’t Working

When the Ubee modem Wi-Fi isn’t working, there are several reasons for it. Before we can fix anything, it is important to first understand the reasons. That’s why we listed the most common reasons:

  • IP conflict: There might be an IP (Internet Protocol) address conflict within your home network, and that might be the reason your Ubee modem Wi-Fi isn’t working. All we have to do is reset the TCP/IP stack, and then renew it.
  • Faulty deviceYou might have an obsolete or a defective wireless adapter. This could mean that the driver or the device needs to be replaced. This is a very common reason our wireless isn’t working.
  • ISP server maintenance: Sometimes, our ISP is doing maintenance on some servers, and that’s why our internet isn’t working at all. It might be interpreted as Wi-Fi not working, but it’s an overall internet access blackout.
  • Blocking Wi-Fi signalYou might have too many users on your wireless network or something is blocking the signal. If your Ubee modem is in the corner of the room’s corner, next to an aquarium, or you use a microwave often, the signal might get interrupted.

Ubee Modem WiFi Fix

To troubleshoot our Ubee modem Wi Fi, we can do a generic approach like a factory reset and power cycling the entire network. Or, we can update firmware to try restarting wireless settings.

Factory Reset

We need to locate the Ubee modem in order to do a factory reset. Reset Button on the back. To push the button for 30 seconds, we need an object such as a paperclip. The reset button is activated when the power indicator blinks.

Modem Upgrade

When something doesn’t work well, and you’ve had it for a longer time, it might be a good idea to get something that works better. It is possible to upgrade your modem to be more efficient and logical.

Network Troubleshooter

If your Wi-Fi is not working, you can use the network troubleshooter. Simply put Right-click the Wi-Fi iconClick on the button in the bottom right corner. Troubleshoot. Follow the prompts to resolve the problem.

Network troubleshooter

Modem Reboot

Rebooting the modem is an easy but effective solution. After turning off the modem, it is important to wait at least 1 minute before turning it on again. This is a refresh for the modem and might make it work better.

Interface Factory Reset

Logging into the Ubee modem settings page is required to perform a factory reset via the web interface. We need to type the Address barUse our browser.

We will be redirected to the login page, where we will need to enter our credentials. The default Use username Password Both User. For more information, you can consult the detailed login guide. Once you’re on the login page, go to Cable Modem, and you’ll see the Status section.

Choose ConfigurationThere are two choices. Reboot Factory Reset. Tick Yes Click for them both. Apply. Next, check the label for the default SSID (networkname) and password.

Wireless Settings

We need to connect our wireless radios to our Ubee modem using an Ethernet cable to simply restart them. After that, you will need to go through the login process as previously described.

After we log in to the modem we must click on Gateway. Next, select WLAN from left pane. You will see two sections. Wireless Basic 2.4Gsection, and the Wireless Basic 5G section.

Simply toggle the Wireless To Disabled Click here Apply. Wait for the page refresh to toggle it. Enabled Click Apply. This should fix our Ubee Wi-Fi modem and everything should be fine.

Here are some ways to optimize your Ubee Modem

After we’ve figured out why our Ubee modem Wi-Fi isn’t working and we fix it, we can optimize it for better performance by following these steps:

  • Tweak wireless protocol: Once we’re logged into the interface of the modem, we need to go to Gateway > WLAN > Basic. Once we reach that point, we must choose the N Protocol for theBasic: 2.4G Mode 802.11Click here Apply.

For the 5G Basic 802.11 modeWe can choose AC Click Apply. While this is likely to increase the speed of your connection, it may cause some devices with different protocols to not connect. If you have newer devices connected to the network, you don’t have to worry about this.

  • Choose the best channelFor 2.4 GHz,You can select channels 1, 6, and 11. These don’t overlap, and the connection should be better. The 5GHz wireless doesn’t have this issue, and it’s easier to work with them.

To make the network run better, we can also select the Bandwidth Starting at 5 GHzTo be 40 MHzIt is essential that we do. Apply The settings. This allows us to receive less interference on both radios.

  • Choose the best place: It’s no secret that the location of our gateway determines the clarity and functionality of our wireless network. We need to choose a location that is not too far from corners. It should be centrally located in our home.


If your Ubee Wi-Fi modem isn’t working, you need to find the cause. Then, we can troubleshoot the problem. There are several things that we can do to improve the network once we have fixed the problem.

Because of this, though, if you’re not sure how to make changes to your modem’s settings, try to contact your ISP’s support team for help. Finally, if you don’t like this modem, you can always get a new one.

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