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EagleConnect Email System

EagleConnect is the official email system of UNT for students. It is also available onlineretireesOn request, please contact the help Desk.

To sign in to EagleConnect, click 

The following features are available to current student EagleConnect email users: * 1000 GB storage shared with OneDrive and mailbox
* MS(r) Office Web Apps & Office 365 ProPlus Free
* Antivirus and antispam protection with automated encryption
* Calendar and shared address book information
* Support for 25 languages
* Teams chat

General Exchange SettingsThere may not be instructions for your device. To configure EagleConnect via Exchange, please use the following settings.

General Server Settings

* Server addressoutlook.office365.com
* Domain: Please leave blank
* Username: Your EagleConnect Email Address (firstlast@my.unt.edu)
* Password: Your EagleConnectPassword
*Check out his server requires an SSL encrypted connection.
* Choose the option to accept a security certification if you are prompted.YesOrContinue.

Official Communication from the University

EagleConnect is an official UNT email service for students and applicants. Don’t miss any official communication from the university. Students and applicants to the university should regularly check their EagleConnect email for important messages from the following universities’ offices.

  • Office of the Register
  • Financial Aid
  • Business services and student accounting
  • Advisors for college, school, or department
  • Faculty and classmates
  • Library Notices

Email forwarding
You can request that your email be forwarded to an outside address such as Gmail or Yahoo.

EagleConnect now offers Office 365 to all current students: Students with EagleConnect accounts can now use Office 365. What is included with Office 365

  • Office 2019 for Windows 7, Windows 8 (.1), Windows 10
  • Office 2019 for Mac OSX 10.13 or newer
  • Office for iOS 10.0 or newer
  • Office for Android 4.4 or newer

These are complete “offline” Microsoft(r) Office installations. The office will work on up five Windows or Mac computers, and Office Mobile can be used on up five mobile devices.

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