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Why am I receiving emails from Venmo when I don’t have an account? ​

by stacy

It’s possible that you’re receiving emails from us because a new Venmo account has been created using your email address as the login. ​

Perhaps someone joined up with an incorrect email address and it was accidentally added to their account, either by typing it incorrectly or purposefully providing an email address that wasn’t theirs.

It’s also possible that it was recycled by a domain provider such as Gmail, Hotmail, or another similar service. If you have an email account and do not use it over a period of time, the domain provider has the option of reissuing the email address to the public and allowing it to be used by another individual. ​

Track down and click the link at the bottom of the Venmo email that asks you to “Verify your email” and then click the link that says “Wasn’t You? “Please report this email to us here.” This will generate a report that will be forwarded to our Account Specialists for further investigation. If you require further assistance, please contact us using this link.

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